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Sunday, June 26, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160626 EXO at SBS Inkigayo Pre-recording: Lay's food-support for EXO-L

1. chanyeol borrowed a fan's light-stick, waved it around then returned it back to themㅠㅠ
2. jongin's pants ripped and chanyeol tried to see where it ripped so jongin showed him after turning around ㅋㅋ
3. after jongin's pants ripped chanyeol @ the fans: are u guys curious? fans: yes~ chanyeol: no. (u can't)
4. yixing treated exo-ls -- pizza, sandwich, drinks & ice cream !! "come here!!"
5.  Before pre record, when Baekhyun go up the stage he sneezed and it's cute TT God bless~
6. Today BH wore blue suit. During the ending ment, BH On the blue electric fan and went up the stage! Cutie~
7. Baekhyun also went and use that small electronic fan to fan those fans standing at the right side!!
8. BH had a nose piercing TT it seems like there's also something similar to piercing near his both eyes
9. When Baekhyun went Down the stage for the last record, he said hello~~~ while appearing at a corner of the stage TT
10. Yixing said to eat the ice cream deliciously later and also said that that ice cream is his most Favourite aww
11. Baekhyun took off his coat after recording. When he returned back on stage, he was holding a blue fan. Really cute~
13. Yixing prepared Pizza + Sandwich + Drink + Ice Cream for the fans today who came for Inkigayo pre-recording.
14. INKI pre-recording - EXO hairstyle Sehun - Down D.O. - Down Baekhyun - 5:5 Chen - 5:5 Lay - Up Kai - Up Xiumin - Up Suho - Up Chanyeol - Up
15. Aww a staff asked Minseok when is his movie going to be released and then he answered July 6th, the fans screamed and then MS gave thumbs up
16. Chanyeol took a fan's lightstick & waved it.CY pretended he'll not return it.Later on,he smiled to her & returned it
17. Baekhyun took off his coat after recording. When he returned back on stage, he was holding a blue fan. Really cute~
18. Something was stuck on BAEK's face & JONGDAE removed it for him JONGDAE was throwing the water bottle but it droppedㅠㅠso cute
19. YIXING said the Ice Cream that he prepared today (Support Truck) is the one he likes "the most!the most!!" so enjoy it deliciously
20. After the pre-rec Sehun waved both hands while smiling at the fans as he left the stage
21. Op said for the ending ment Sehun & Kyungsoo came up on the stage without their jackets
22. Sehun has his hair down and it's a bit wet with gel like yesterday's  Sehun's wearing black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, black nike shoes & blue leather jacket decorated with zippers
23. i often hold low hopes for cameras for music shows but today's fanaccs are saying that it's extra worse today lmao will they ever get better
24. JONGDAE was drinking water&he put the bottle to BAEK's mouth. After BAEK, JD finished the rest & played around throwing&catching the bottle
25. BAEK came out pn stage with a fan & he pretended to throw the fan, like JONGDAE was pretending to throw the water bottle.
26. JONGIN's pants ripped. YEOL teased EXO-Ls saying "you all are curious, right?" & acted like he was checking out JONGIN's legs
27. JONGIN stood there shyly with his legs together😳 and then suddenly turned around to confirm that his pants had really ripped haha poor NiNi
28.  At the end BaekChen went around the Standing area waving goodbye to the fans~ they joked around a lot!!
29. BAEK had cubic stones(?) on his nose bridge During ending ment JONGDAE removed them 1-by-1 for BAEK & placed them in BAEK's hand
30. Tiny bb JONGDAE was standing. YEOL came&stood in front of him JD moved&PCY followed covering him again JD moved the other way; PCY followed
31. KYUNGSOO was having trouble dancing bc of his outfit so JONGDAE untied 1 sleeve(?).KS turned immediately asking JD to undo the other one too
32. The music stopped twice during recording & EXO-L went: Ahhhh!!!! so BAEK started clapping & JONGDAE did "mansae ㄴ(<_>)┘" from behind ..?!?
33. KYUNGSOO was also having trouble w/his mic wire so he told JONGDAE. JD patted his shoulder&carefully fixed it for him until KS was okay w/it
34. MINSEOK gave a spoiler for the new LED EXO lightstick He said that the light color changes
35. SUHO: "All of you here can't come to the fansign? Ah then~~ look up the fanaccounts hehehehe"
36. JOONMYUN also said that as the #1 reward promise he was s'posed to reveal baby pictures but he still hasn't been able to find them
37. BaekChen have twin hairstyles - curly with midde-parting (all i ask for Cameramen, is a good ending two-shot of them pls >.<)
38.  Ahh they gave away Sehun posters todayㅠㅠ
39.During the first recording Sehun was dancing the choreography intensity so his shirt went up,& the fan saw his tummy
40. Suho:Lay want to say smtg Lay:Everyone! Eat a lot. Its my fav ice cream.Its very delicious
41. a lot are asking but I don't think the color of the light itself changes unless it is an option. He could mean the stick itself. Krissy might get what she wants lol. They might synch the lightsticks to controls and change colors on the lightstick. But then the standard setting should still be silver. (Like TVXQ's is red.)
42. during the part where xiuyeol face each other, they kept making eye contact. even if they didnt, xm's eyes would widen and get rounder.
43. at the end, jm gave the mic to yixing while saying "ah and lay~" and yx took it and said "everyone, enjoy your meal~" lol he said it cutely
44. They were supposed to do 3 recording but they ended up with only 2 recording.
45. Sehun and Chanyeol were playing around. Chanyeol shoots Sehun's heart but Sehun avoided the gun shot.
46. At the last ment, Sehun took off his jacket & he was wearing black tshirt it does fit him so much & his shoulders

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Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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