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Saturday, June 25, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160625 EXO at MBC Music Core Pre-recording: Kai and Xiumin's food-support for fans

1. BaekChen sang White Noise during breaks
2. During 1st recording the backtrack stopped during BAEK's 1st part. JONGDAE stopped doing the choreography & KYUNGSOO hit his chest lightly
3. JONGDAE: When did u get here? EXO-L: Yesterday! JD: U've been here from last night until 1pm today O_O Amazing! Thank u, We'll do our best!
4. When JONGDAE 1st came up: There are ppl who saw me earlier (at Starbucks), right? EXO-L: Yes! JD: Aye~~there weren't this many ppl there <_>
6. BAEK: When is ticketing? EXO-L: Tuesday!!! BAEK said he'll pray that everyone there gets tickets & EXO's practising for the Concert already
7. BAEK asked whether EXO-Ls' parents were worried that they came for pre-rec so early in the morning&told L-ies to eat lots&lots! ManhiManhi!
9. JONGDAE again did the headcount. JM was late so following JD's lead EXO-Ls chanted "KIM JOONMYUN!" JM entered raising his hands like a VIP
10. BAEKHYUN mentioned the food trucks and JONGIN did 'eating food' actions with two hands <3
11. BAEK was humming EX'ACT b-side tracks & everytime he stopped EXO-Ls would continue humming it so, BAEK joked: There are ghosts here
12. When BAEK sang 'They Never Know' and stopped, EXO-Ls didn't continue it. JONGDAE teased L-ies saying: "Seems don't know this song well"
13. BAEK to EXO-Ls: If the SecurityGuards dont let u in(for prerec) sing this-(from MONSTER) "I'll knock, so will u let me in?
14. Head-count Rep JONGDAE calling out Maknae: "Yah~Who's the last one today?? 7 people r here!!Ah~its SEHUN~nie again who hasnt come up yet!"
15. chanyeol was joking around with sehun and junmyeon a lot today~
16. BH said that they are preparing for the concert and Eris all screamed. He also said that he heard lots of fans failed for ticketing

18. BH: Ticketing is like the stars in the sky right? Eris: Yes~ BH: So, one day in life u will be able to go to our con at least once~
19. BH asked if fans ate &they said no BH also said he havent eat yet TT When asked who prepared the support today, XiuKai raised their hands~
20. For the 2nd pre-record, during the "you can call me monster" part, he winked and did a hand kiss
21. Sehun today: wet hair w gel, plum jumpsuit, black strap around waist, silver necklace, glove on one hand
22. op said before the 1st p/r Sehun & Chanyeol were whispering over something, probably about the choreo chain-like stuff dropped and Sehun continued to dance while holding it in his hand which was really cool #1 pr: CY acted to shoot, SH tilted his head back and acted as he got hit #2 pr: CY shoots again, SH blocked it w his hand
(Credit: hyoyeonsubs2, sberryeol, eternally_b)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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