[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160616 EXO's Music Core Pre-recording

1. JONGDAE kept going to talk to a standing-still KYUNGSOO & even took his hand&waved to fans. SOO just smiled & let him

2. BAEK: Did u all wait a long time? EXO-L: Yes~ B: Lies~πŸ˜› Today its afternoon 2pm recording!! Ls: No!!!we came yesterday B(babying): Ujjujju!😊
3. JONGDAE =stretching like 'γ„±' EXO-L: Ahhh He did it again-showing the members Ls: AHHH! JD told SEHUN to do it too but HUN just smiled shyly😳
4. JONGDAE & CHANYEOL came up on stage first & immediately began playing around. YEOL again bothered JD's ear & they playfully did boxing too
5. JONGIN & BAEK kept practicing the dance JONGDAE watched BAEK's gestures for a while 'γ…‡wγ…‡' Then pointing to BAEK told KYUNGSOO "Look at him!"
6. BAEK: Did u eat? EXO-L: Noo~~ BAEKt: Ah~~this wont do! Ending ment- he told them to eat at the plc in front of the studio before they leave
7. Before pre-recording began, JONGDAE came up on stage w/tissue stuck to his forehead & hair pinned and told fans "See u in a bit"
8. JOONMYUN: Its the 2nd week of promos~seems like more of u came today than last week EXO-L: WAHHH! JM: r u not going to school? Ls: No!! JM:
9. They gave out Xiumin mini posters to the fans who came for the pre-recording todayγ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… 
10. When Chanyeol and Sehun did the chest-pulling choreo/move, their eyes met and they both tried to hold back their laughter. this part "죽어도 μ˜μ›νžˆ μ‚΄λž˜" (Kyungsoo's part)
(Credit: ibaekrauhls & hyoyeonsubs22)
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