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Sunday, June 12, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160612 EXO's SBS Inkigayo Pre-recording

1. BAEKHYUN came out 1st & immediately squatted down on the floor JONGDAE copied him&patted tired-looking BAEK
2. KYUNGSOO was in position w/his arms on BaekChen. JONGDAE kept poking SOO's tummy so he made a👊next to JD's face-but in a qt 'buingbuing' way
3. During LuckyOne SeChenSoo kept bumping into each other and laughing. KYUNGSOO looked like he was in a good mood
4. KYUNGSOO messed up the choreography once during LuckyOne. SEHUN & JONGDAE caught him and burst out laughing
5. JONGDAE sang a line of 'Oi Dwaenjjang guk' (CHANYEOL's V app fansong)
6. 4th rec-KYUNGSOO touched SEHUN's ear while singing his pt 5th rec-JONGDAE also did the same&ChenSoo joked w/maknae SEHUN looked happy today
7. BAEKHYUN came on stage by himself before rec & asked EXO-Ls if they got rained on & sweetly said that he heard it would rain in the morning
8. JOONMYUN was dancing in front of XiuLay. YIXING clapped happily. Then XiuHo were dancing like a dance battle & YIXING joined too
9. BAEK: Did u all sleep? EXO-Ls: No~ BAEK: U haven't slept? Ls: Yes~~ BAEK: We also haven't slept.
10. MINSEOK said he drank Powerade so his tongue turned Blue and showed his tongue to the members and EXO-Ls
11. JONGDAE was the last to leave the stage & hi-fived a male staff as he left. The Male Staff looked super happy like a stan who'd lucked out
12. Hair down-covering forehead: BaekChen Hair up- KAI, SUHO, CHANYEOL, LAY, D.O, XIUMIN Half up - SEHUN
13. BAEKHYUN has eyebrow & ear piercing!!!! OMG!!!!
14. JONGDAE (sweetly): U all waited since morning right? I was never tired but seeing u all, i'm even more 'not tired' at all~ After JONGDAE said that JOONMYUN: "JONGDAE ssi looks like he's abt to die right now.." JD went waay off to the side&wiped his sweat
15. After finishing 1 recording the Staff immediately said "Lets do it one more time" EXO apologized&asked if they could have 5 mins rest
16. 2nd recording, members came one after the other & stood on stage EXO-L: Ahhhhhh~~~ JONGDAE (confused): We are just standing, why ahhhh??
17. 3rd rec: Boys all looked super tired&went up on stage w/heavy footsteps Before starting, JONGDAE shouted w/a loud voice: Kaja!! (Let's go!)
18. 2nd rec: EXO was coming up on stage- JONGDAE suddenly stopped walking&turned to look back.He was waiting for YIXING & they came up together
19. Everyone looked tired so fans were already sad YIXING suddenly sat down EXO-L: Ahhhhㅠㅠ But he was just trying his shoelace JOONMYUN laughed
20. BAEK: Did u all eat? EXO-Ls: No~ BAEK: Then what did u do (between LuckyOne&Monster pre-rec) EXO-Ls: Waited (for u) ~ BAEK: Me too :)
24. Chanyeol was standing in the fan blowing the confetti and Jongin tapped him on the shoulder and he jumped in surprise omg cutie
25. We could see Chanyeol was in pain bc he was creasing his eyebrows, and his moves weren't sharp. the fans worried ;;
26.  Stage fog was coming from the floor & stage lights were really cool, #SEHUN walked through it really slow (for fun) & fans went crazy
27. #YIXING had his fringe up omg so handsome! The fans' screams were so loud, I was so happy to hear them :')
28. Baekhyun came out alone on stage and whispered "Hello, hello L-ies" I got teary eyed bc he looked tired but still so happy to see us
29.  While most of the members were practicing dance moves or talking, #Kyungsoo stood still in the middle of the stage posing, fans giggled over #Kyungsoo standing so still, and Junmyeon came over to tease him. JM was all smiles but KS still looked blank
30. After the third take #JONGIN walked over to #SEHUN and Sehun tripped over him. Sehun lightly shoved Jongin afterwards.
31. Inkigayo During #Chanyeol's rap, the crane camera did not lift high enough and he hit his head ;; he looked dazed but still danced
32. BH: hi~ EXOL: hi~ BH: hi~ EXOL: hi~ BH:have u eaten yet? EXOL:noㅠㅠ BH: what did u do? EXOL: we waitedㅠㅠ BH:me too~ i havent eaten yet..
34. Suho singing along to Baek Ayeon!
35. Baek watching Twice's rehearsal and he copied one of the parts of their dance they shake their hips omfg
36. Junmyeon and Baekhyun on standby and playing around by dancing and spinning their mics!
37. Introducing Road Boys song Shake It they all shook/wiggled omg so cute
38. Next MC part has Baek wearing an apron omg
39. Baek just did some body waves along to the current song aahh
40. Suho wearing a giant fork and spoon on his back omg why
41. Members out on the MC stage for interview, Chanyeol is using the big panel to fan all the members lol.
42. Minseok bouncing along to Fiestar's Apple Pie omg
43. Baekhyun mouthing along to KNK's song! The adlibs at the start.
44. Chanyeol lightly stumbled off the small platform during the MC portion lol it was cute.
45. Baekhyun was just surprised by the fanchants for Oh My Girl he startled and smiled lmfao
46. Junmyeon imitating the part of Luna's dance where she throws her head back
47. All the boys hung around the side stage as long as they could to wave and say bye to the fans!
48. Baekhyun got a lot of confetti on his neck and he sort of wiggled and tried to fan it off he was so cute...
49. During the "bunny trap" part of Monster the members were grabbing at Junmyeon's button up MC shirt and ended up untucking it lmfao. Junmyeon got really flustered and had on a stupid grin trying to keep them from exposing him LOL.
50. Kyungsoo ended Lucky One with the EXO-L hand symbol ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
51. Baekhyun did the EXO-L hand symbol as he ran by the front after the "bunny trap" part.
52. Once groups came out for the ending stage EXO moved off to the side, but Jongdae kept doing his adlibs for the "you know you do~" it was hot
53. Minseok imitated the hand movements Baekhyun does during the bridge over by Jongdae ㅠㅠㅠ
54. chanyeol seemed like he was in a bad condition today ㅠㅠㅠ he was sitting down & the mebers came & comfroted him
55. despite chanyeol being sick and not in a good condition, he still managed to bow/say hi to the fans before leavingㅜ
56. lucky one the boys started filming since 2am ㅠㅠㅠ they rehearsed up to 5 times ㅠㅠ
57. JM danced to 'I will go into your heart' part in front MS, MS was staring at him and ended up dancing together
58. MS: Junmyeon did great singing today right~? EXO-L: yes!! MS: he wasnt this good when we were practicing
59. MS was sitting on the stairs infront of standing, fan did a finger heart, he looked back for sec and did the heart for her too
60. BH was sitting on the floor, xing came and sat kinda far away from Bh and Bh tapped on the floor to tell xing to come closer
61. Baekhyun really looks like he exercise a lot TT earlier during recording he did a lifting the dumbbells action
62. When going in and out of the waiting room Sehun smiled twice + went inside while waving both hands at fans
63. Sehun had his hair half-up but after dancing for a few times, at times it looked like he has his hair down
64. Sehun wore a thin choker, a sleeveless shit with a long jacket/coat for today's Lucky One

(Credit: onlaymon, ibaekrauhls, Tyche_Boys, , hyoyeonsubs22, avecSEHUN, eternally_b, as tagged)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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