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Sunday, June 12, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160611 EXO's Mini Fan-meeting + Music Core Pre-recording

1. Exo planned to give out the drinks and they wanted to greet everyone ㅠㅠㅠ
2. Ryu JunYeol just went to Music Core, looks like he went to see junmyeon
3. EXO appeared at mini fanmeeting in lucky one pre-recording outfit!
4. KS: the weather is good today
BH: smells like its gonna rain, please dont get wet and go back safely
5. CY said he honestly felt anxiety but as soon as they had a comeback, that feeling disappeared and want 2016 to be OUR year ㅠㅠㅠ
6. It started to rain, fans screamed at boys to go in and the fanmeeting quickly ended xD
7. JM said its not him whos making rain so dont post on internet like Suho did it but it started to rain right after he said itㅋㅋ
8. KYUNGSOO: The weather today's really nice!! EXO + EXO-L: eh??? It suddenly started raining hard~
9. BAEK told EXO-Ls to go home quick bc "the air smells like its gonna rain" Ls: Don't wanna BAEK: Wanna get rained on w/me?
10. CHANYEOL: SUHO Hyung said he will buy Umbrellas. SUHO: Will buy whaat???
14. 800+ EXO-Ls so back ppl couldnt hear SUHO: You cant hear?!?! Ls: Can't hear!!!!!! YIXING: But I can hear....
15. BAEKHYUN: Everyone~the new product we r gonna introduce 2day is.. YEOL: 39800won! CHEN: Yes~for 39800won, (u can get) CHANYEOLL~ie PCY: ??
17. BaekChen teasing Maknae 
CHEN: My type~..wat are the lyrics again? 
BAEK: Thats right,My type 
CHEN: Thats right,my type~!ChamChamCham! 
HUN: 😕?
18. Fans: its ok even we dont go home!! Chen : its ok not to go home? Ok so go out and buy a can of beer ㅋㅋ
19. chanyeol said that he's healthy and for us not to worry too much....
20. as sehun was speaking, fans in the back complained that they couldn't hear him so chanyeol said "can't hear you~!!"
21. chanyeol said he's not that sick.. he was a bit worried before the come back but now he's okay ~ㅜㅜ
22. D.O : go eat something delicious (to the fans) pcy: kimbap... sorry..!
23. kyungsoo said Isnt the weather nice today? and several of the members looked up at the rainclouds like Uhhhh...

1. Each time JONGDAE came up on stage 1st & BAEK 2nd & they talked to EXO-Ls SEHUN came 3rd& JD imitated his rap&dance
2. BAEK said its really hot&wants to eat 🍉 JONGDAE said he wants to go to Waterpark but he's not good at swimming&asked EXO-Ls if they swim well
3. JONGDAE: BAEKHYUN~ah, r u good at swimming (sooyoung)? BAEK (misheard): These days i cant grow mustache(sooyum) well! XD
4. JONGDAE said "LAY hyung & SUHO hyung are good at swimming"
5. During resting time #BaekChen sang White Noise & Artificial Love 💕💕
6. JONGDAE was busy making the fans scream&the PD was like: "We are going to start recording" JD: Sorry😆 BAEK: JONGDAE was at fault/messed up😛
7. JONGDAE to BAEK: Do an imitation of JONGIN~nie BAEK: U try it JD *sings Nini's part* BAEK: Aniya!(not right) JD: Aniya? Ah aniya?😁
8. (BAEK: Annyo~ng EXO-L: Annyo~ng) Repeat x3 JONGDAE (softly): annyeong.. EXO-L: annyeong.. JD: U guys follow well~😊
9. SuChen were talking EXO-L: Curious! JONGDAE: u wanna know? Ls: Yes! JD: He said he's tired Ls: aww JD: why aww? bc he's tired?bc u love him? JONGDAE: Everyone knows u love him~ so make some noise so that he(JOONMYUN) can get some strength😊 EXO-Ls: Ahhhh!!!
10. JONGDAE: Wat time did u come here? EXO-L: Yesterday! JD: Ystday?Did u sleep? Ls: No JD; Did u eat? Ls: No JD: Big trouble!U wont grow tall
11. CHEN: Did u see the CheeringMethod?Apparently its rlly powerful BAEK: its a bit ambiguous right? EXO-L: YES SUHO: just practice&u'll get it😀
12. JONGDAE was the 1st on stage for each recording JONGDAE: "I am consistently #1! See! I am diligent like this~~"
13. CHEN: BAEKHYUN~ee what are u good at? BAEK: At gamesㅋㅋㅋLater I am gonna upload on IG saying "lets play together".Abt 16 ppl? SuddenAttack>ㅅ<
14. During Opening, the camera caught a fan's face really clearly BAEKHYUN: After watching MusicCore, your mom's gonna know that you came here
15. JONGDAE: I came 1st bc I wanted to see u all(EXO-Ls)😊 BAEK was again 2nd after JD & went: What's this~its the same pattern!😀
16. CHANYEOL touched JONGDAE's butt. Then, while they were bickering YEOL hugged JD
17. #BeagleLine on stage: YEOL did 'rock' & BAEK did 'scissors' on JONGDAE's neck. Then YEOL 'shot' BAEK & he pretended to fall. YEOL followed
18. CHANYEOL hit JONGDAE's butt EXO-Ls: kya!!😀 So YEOL kept touching JD's butt JD pouting: U guys like this?This wont do~u r perverts😂
19. BaekYeol put JONGDAE in the middle&kept bothering him JD caught BAEK's hand&pulled him into the screen. BH kept moving his neck to avoid it😀
20. CHANYEOL was the "Butt Fairy" today hahaha😂 He kept touching JONGDAE's butt. Then he touched KYUNGSOO & JOONMYUN's butts too.
21. BAEKHYUN came on stage&sat down with folded legs: "Ah~~ i gotta watch TV" & pointed an imaginary remote control towards the fans
22. before the last recording ended, chanyeol did the usual opening bow for <the star> and left the stage ~
23. chanyeol's throat is still hurting so he didn't say much today but he kept bowing and waving towards the fans ㅠㅠㅠ
24. All the members are coming up on stage to prepare for pre recording but Baekhyun kept sitting down and yixing poked his butt TT
25. BAEKHYUN WAS SO HANDSOME! His smiles were so bright while they were performing and whenever fans cheered for him, his smile was so gentle ♡
26. Sehun seemed under the most heat today that he took his jacket off as soon as they finished :(
27. When Sehun came up on the stage BH & JD were already there, BH sang SH's rap part, JD sang "my type~", SH smiled at them & fans
28. Op said SH came up w his jacket hanging on his arm before last p/r & everyone was amazed at the sight
29. OP said Sehun was too hot today that during monitoring whenever Sehun came up all the fans cried over him
30. Op said lots of one/solo shots for Sehun today! 😭🙏🏼🍀 + that his gaze during the rap part was perfect
31. Sehun wore light pink over-fit jacket, the sleeves covered the back of his hands when he had his arms down. The pink bomber jacket and ripped skinny jeans for Lucky One p/r made Sehun's body to stood out even more
32. For the last part of Lucky One Sehun grinned at the very front camera in front of him
33. There's a part where Yixing was suppose lift his hand and go over chanyeol's head but he was too short so he went on tiptoes hehe
34. Jongdae came on stage and Chanyeol went and pinched his butt several times. Jongdae at one point look offended LOL like, Chanyeol stop!
35. JD revealed the best swimmers are Junmyeon and Yixing.

(Credit: sberryeol, onlaymon, whitexocean, avecSEHUN, feli1992YT, hyoyeonsubs22@twitter)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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