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Friday, June 10, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160610 EXO at Music Bank Pre-recording

1. Baekhyun has his hair down today. The outfit is jumpsuit like in a MV
2. Baekhyun's sleeve is too long, and his hands cant be seen ㅋㅋ so coordi nuna fixed it by cutting it with a scissors
3. the hairstyle, make up and costume is exactly like in a mv!
4. After the 2nd prerecord(?) Baekhyun was monitoring while fanning himself, and he doing it very quickly ㅋㅋ
5. After prerecord has ended, baekhyun said "bye eris~ we'll go~ thank you~~"
6. At the last prerecord, baekhyun said "eris are watching~!" and then the prerec started ㅋ
7. Baek and cy were joking,cy placed his hand on the back of baek's neck. Baek wanted to do so, but he couldnt reach cy's neck
8. At the last, baek came up and did stretching. He spread his leg but unfortunately hi couldnt reach his toes ㅋㅋ
9. Fans kept saying "cute cute!" then baekhyun sang "cute,u r cute when u're smiling~" Its a line of humming urban stereo song!
10. EXO-Ls kept going "kwiyeoweo~kwiyeoweo~(qt qt)" so BAEK sang Hawaiian Couple! cry!! one of my fave classics
11. JOONMYUN was speaking Japanese but EXO-Ls didnt hear him well JONGDAE told them its fine if they dont listen bc its not funny #brat
12.  Hair down, covering the forehead = #BeagleLine - CHEN, BAEKHYUN, CHANYEOL 🐶🐶🐶 Hair up/pushed back = everyone else in EXO
13. Fans were cooing over JONGDAE so JONGDAE to EXO-Ls: "Cute? I'm cute? I'm (already) 25 years old~ i'm cute?" 😘
14. YIXING's outfit is sleeveless on 1side so CHANYEOL bit his arm. XING wiped the arm on YEOL's clothesㅋㅋ so PCY blew air on his neck
15. Diff OP: CHANYEOL offered JONGDAE an apology handshake. Then he pulled JD really strongly & JD fell on his knees.
16. CHANYEOL was jokingly bullying JONGDAE so JD pointed at PCY, made a pitiful face&whined to fans: "He did this (to me)<_>"
17. #ChenYeol hi-five before recording Later,while fooling around JONGDAE almost fell.YEOL offered an apology handshake~JD rejected it
 18. STOP THE PRESS!! #XingDae. YIXING was struggling w/the mic cord&had his arm behind his back JONGDAE saw this&went to fix it for him
 19. CHANYEOL kept hitting JONGDAE's forehead so JD stretched out PCY's arm&attacked his armpit too
 20. #BaekChen played around a lot today&also interacted w/fans a lot BAEK was raising both his arms & JONGDAE attacked his armpitㅋㅋ
21. BaekChen were playing around w/the ring BAEK was wearing.Either BAEK threw it OR it dropped on the floor & JONGDAE kicked itㅋㅋBAEK went running to pick it up&they were playing w/it again. JONGDAE tried it on. YEOL came&tried it on too-it didnt fitㅋㅋ
 22. During break BAEKHYUN was stretching on the floor. JONGDAE said he'd help&sat at the BAEK's foot & pulled his hand
23. JONGDAE's hair is untouched yay \\o// straight & covering his forehead.
24. EXO-Ls kept going "kwiyeoweo~kwiyeoweo~(qt qt)" so BAEK sang Hawaiian Couple!
25. Chanyeol trying to bite Yixing (his arm)
26. Baekhyun blew in Yixing's ear"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
27. Chanyeol didn't notice the/a step so he accidentally tripped but luckily he did not fall.
28. there was also a moment when Baekhyun having his makeup fixed, he was holding a fan in his hand and the other hand holding his phone
29. MuBank pre-record - hairstyle  CHEN> BBH> down PCY> down KAI> up SEHUN> up SUHO> up LAY> up XIUMIN> up D.O.> up
30. Op said at the start Sehun and Chanyeol kept on talking nonstop along with Suho too
31. Op said it was cool how during the choreo when SH & CY face each other they had eye contacts & lightly laughed
32. Sehun kept on coming up on the stage last for all p/r & for the last pr fans cheered when he came up <3
33. During standby members said sth to SH & he did the legs movement for "I'm creeping in your heart" part
34. Sehun's suspenders kept on going down, he danced while it was hanging on his arms & had it down in the end
35. Out of all 5 prerecs today Sehun's "my type" part was different from yesterday's for 2 of them
36. Op said Sehun had that wound make up around his nose today
37. Op said during the break Sehun did the choreo for "that's right my type" & that he was really cute <3
38. Sehun wore jumpsuit, gloves on both hands + contact lenses today with half-up hair
39."Oh-eh-oh", Sehun's "That's right my type" and Chen's "Creeping" are now excluded from the fanchant for Monster
40. YX & BH were joking around And BH did aegyo to YX using the finger heart? Love shot? And he put his feet up and did the aegyo
41. BH was lying on the stage and rolling around. And then he sat down and said he want to see eris. JD poke his butt and ask him to stretch tgt
42. JD asks BH to help him in stretching. BH leg was tired so he sat down and as soon he hold JD hands, BH said it hurt And removed his hands
43. their outfit is the jumpsuit outfit, same from the music video.
44. before the recording started, chanyeol bit yixing's arm and then yixing wiped his arm on chanyeol ㅠㅠ
45. rehearsal: once actual recording: four times
46. suho: burgundy make up chanyeol: X painted. right side of his cheek baekhyun: knife painted. right side of his cheek
47. during rest time, chanyeol and jongdae were busy going around joking around with other members. s cy and jd were fooling around, cy grabbed jd's hand too hard so jd went to the fans said "cy hurt my finger!" cy reached out his hand to jd, asking to accept his apology but he joked around & grabbed jd's hand hard againㅋㅋ

(Trans by sberryeol, ibaekrauhls, whitexocean, hyoyeonsubs22, avecSEHUN)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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