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Thursday, June 23, 2016

[COMPILATION] 160622 D.O, Lay, Chanyeol and Kai on EX'ACT Fansign Event & Goobne Fansign

1. OP: I really like rabbits could you draw one for me? CY: yesyes of course
2.  Fan asked KYUNGSOO why he danced solo for MusicBank encore. He said 'cause he lost in Rock, Paper, Scissors'
3.  An EXO-L brought YIXING a watermelon at the fansign. He laughed
4.  YIXING held OP's hand for luck w/ticketing OP asked YX to upload songs w/JONGDAE on smtg like Soundcloud&he said ok
6. jongin asked the fans if he should start any social media and all the fans shouted 'NO' / his fans really hate it and want to protect him
7. fan: should i show u something pretty? (takes out a mirror, shows chanyeol) chanyeol: (laughs) it's pretty
8. fan: can u please take off your hat?ㅜㅜ pcy: no i can't my hair is a mess.. fan: you're still cute.. pcy: i know
9. yixing kept praising chanyeol on filming his (chinese) movie <simaf> & how good his chinese is
10. someone asked chanyeol to do <baby don't cry> (like osh & kji) so he said if he does it, it'll be fire ver. bdcㅋㅋ
11. chanyeol plays the game "overwatch" he bought the game for sehun & jongin & is trying to get junmyeon to play as well~  along with chanyeol... kyungsoo baekhyun sehun plays "overwatch" as well. chanyeol is trying to make a team of 6!
12. chanyeol said his throat was hurting not bc he was sick but bc he screamed too much at the seoul jazz festival~
13. fan: u are the most handsome in this album chanyeol: i'm always the most handsome fan: yes that's rightㅜ
14. chanyeol said he wrote two lines for the lyrics of <유리어항 / one and only>
15.  chanyeol gave tips to a fan about buying tickets online ㅋㅋ "internet is faster than using LTE!" told the fan to succeed!
16. chanyeol & yixing took out their phones & took pics of the fans. chanyeol said he might post it later after editing~
17. chanyeol did the famous twice's <cheer up> shyshyshy
18. Kyungsoo said he doesn't like being called cute before because he think it means SMALL. now its okay bcos lots of people call him cute
19. Chanyeol: Yixing always play mobile game - Pokemon. Yixing: Pokemon is very cute Fan: you are cuter! Yixing: Thank you
20. chanyeol told the fan to eat sushi. he said he ate sushi today ^^
21. chanyeol waits by the side where the fans enter & greet themㅜhe also makes eye contact, waves his hands saying hello~~~
22. fan: i like rabbits, can u draw 1 for me? pcy: yesyes of course fan: can u touch the doll's head? pcy: it's so cute~
23. zyx- hair: down outfit: long sleeved striped shirt, flower crown pcy- outfit: boston red rox cap, black hoodie
25. Rahee's brother is named Reon (**I think it must be pronounced as Leon..?)
26. The fansign started 5 min earlier chanxing was signing can chatting at the same time
27. Yixing said "Chanyeol is good in free style rapping" Chanyeol replied "(Lay) is good in free style Korean speaking"
28.  Kyungsoo was so amazed to see a fan with the same name as jongin so much so he even said jonginah you and this person have the same name!
29. Kyungsoo said he really does not like SNS at all. (Prolly because it's too troublesome for him!) He doesn't know how to upload & take photos
30. fan: do you have any place that you really wanna go to? KS: umm Fan: can i recc? KS: ofc! (Heart smile & eye contact) fan: swiss is seriously good! later on you should try going to swiss* with your parents Kyungsoo: waa... Okay! I'll try to go in the future!
31. Because fans wanted to listen to Kyungsoo doing his ment, everyone was quiet so Kyungsoo asked why it was this quiet and laughed
32. Yixing said he wants to buy a good computer so he could play the game as well. Chanyeol said Yixing is the healer in their team
33. Fan asked CY if he forgot his weibo bcos he always uses IG. CY said no. Fan asked CY to post on weibo too CY gave her 2 thumbs up.
34. Fan: this is a doll (I) bought from Singapore KS: Oh... Fan: please read my letter please KS: yes, i'll read it (smiles) Fan: i'm going to the concert! See you then! KS: of course, please come thank you
35. Fan A saw Fan B maybe giving kyungsoo a really good alcohol Fan A wasn't sure but when Kyungsoo saw it he said it's not your dad's right?
36. A fan told Kyungsoo that she managed to get the happy family tickets and Kyungsoo was amazed. "That's pretty hard (to get) isn't it"
37. A fan gave Kyungsoo a flower wreath and he was feeling shy but at the same time, laughing ;w; he was so adorable
38. A fan told Kyungsoo that she was born on 931225 and was wondering if she can call him Oppa so Kyungsoo said cheekily ofc! I was born first~ㅋ The fan also asked how Kyungsoo come to do a solo dance during the MuBank encore and he said they did it via rock paper & scissors.
39. Fan: can you please recommend what I should eat for dinner? Kyungsoo: oh... for me, tonight, (it'll be) spaghetti! (proceeds to draw hearts)
40. While signing for a fan, Kyungsoo asked what the date was today and became a little flustered x)
41. Kyungsoo danced a little bit to Lucky One from where he was sitting.
42. A male fan got in to the fansign and after getting a sign from Kyungsoo, they shook hands ;w;
43. Kyungsoo said that he will start filming for With God in September!
44.  When a fan gave (?) Kyungsoo the doll, Kyungsoo said "Oh~~ that's me~♡"
 45. Fan: I'm Chinese CY: Hello Fan: I'll watch your movie on the 30th CY: Thanks
46. Fan gave Kyungsoo a bouquet of tulips. He said it smells good. He also said he will put it inside his room.

47. A fan asked if Kyungsoo was able to become chef Kyungsoo once more, what food will he do? Kyungsoo answered western!!!
48. Apparently Jongin's done with his signing but Kyungsoo's line is still long
49.  After seeing this, Kyungsoo was like why do you have all of those with you?? So Jongin was like it's really nice tho
50. Chanyeol accidentally kicked the table cloth and people screamed so he kept kicking to tease us looll
51. remember when kyungsoo mentioned that lately chanyeol has been interested in baduk? Chanyeol said he's not good in baduk
52. Fans are saying that Kyungsoo will be leaving a message at FROM STAR board later on the exo-l app
53.  A Fan gave Kyungsoo flowers and he gave her one rose back. He even drew a heart on the photocard.

54. Fan asked Chanyeol to tell her a message in Chinese. He said "wo ai ni" (I love you)55. OP : whats ur fav songs? Except exo's! Ksoo : uhm..recently im listening to jamie cullum's songs! F: whats the title song u r listening to? Ksoo: im listening to whole album, all of songs are really good!



60. A fangirl asked Kyungsoo to call her "Nuna" and he did. She asked again if he could say it again, Soo said Nuna

The OP bought Dream Catcher for Kai so that he can dream only something good

Fan asked Kyungsoo to draw "eyes wearing glasses". This is what Kyungsoo drew

(Trans by: sberryeol, chochonini_, , , , , as tagged, exonyeondan)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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