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Monday, May 16, 2016

[UNCONFIRMED/Updated]160515 EXO New Hair Colors For Comeback + A Lookback At EXO's Hair History

Hello, from what I gather and was told, this was posted by a Korean sasaeng fan. So, there might actually be an ounce of truth to this. But again, I'm not sure because there haven't been any photos leaked. What we know so far: Chanyeol - red / Xiumin - orange / D.O. - new haircut (sides cut short) / Lay - New Haircut.

Chanyeol : Red [confirmed]
Xiumin: Orange [confirmed]
Suho: Light Brown [X] - Grey Hair
Lay: Blonde [X]
D.O. : Blonde [X]
Kai: Grey,white combination 
[X] - Blonde
Sehun: Baby Pink
Chen: Brown

Confirmed New Looks
*Updated* 160530 Kai is Blonde (again) (Yaaaaaas)

*Updated* 160521 Suho Has Grey Hair!

*Updated* 160520 Lay has a new haircut!!!

Now, people are saying this picture of Xiumin is old, but on Twitter, people are saying it's new. The last time he had orange hair was during the Growl era, and you can tell his face isn't as chubby (baozi! *.*) as it was back then.

This is also the comeback of some of our favorite hair colors! If you've been a fan for a while you already know which colors have been done.  So, let's take a look back on these styles, shall we?

#1. Chanyeol - Red Hair
First Appearance - Overdose Era 2014
Last Seen - June 3, 2014 @ Airport

Chanyeol was the first member (since Sehun, heh) to go full on red for a comeback. I think it suited him well. The next time we saw him after June 3rd, was the 2014 Dream Concert, where he was seen with black hair.

Last appearance, 160603
160607 - 2014 Dream Concert

This is the look he's currently sporting. Red hair oppa, long time no see.

#2. Xiumin - Orange Hair
First Appearance - Wolf Era 2013
Last Seen - July 9, 2013 @ SBS Inkigayo

Omg, the baozi days! When Xiumin was still quiet and overflowing with aegyo. Contrary to popular belief, Wolf is still one of my favorite comebacks. Their styling and everything is what sucked drew me into this fandom.
Is he NOT squeezable!?
A little faded, but they went ahead and switched him to brunette later that night. He was no longer orange the next day at Show Champion.
#3. Baekhyun - Brown Hair
First Appearance -  January 30, 2012
Last Seen - July 29, 2015 @ SM Coex Artium

This color may seem kind of bland since it's done often, but I think the stylists did a good job keeping it maintained. This was Baek's first color when he was introduced as an EXO member! So we have a long history with you, precious brunette hair.

Bet you thought this was black.

Just when we thought all was well...

160730 @ Airport
...we woke up to find this the next day.

#4. Suho - Light Brown
First Appearance - May 22, 2013
Last Seen - January 16, 2016 @ V App

Gosh, who else misses blonde Suho? Let's hope this rumor is wrong and he surprises us with blonde \(*o*)/ . Either way, if he does go brown, let's hope the stylist tries something edgy again.

First appearance (I believe)

Must we pause for a moment of reflection....
Anyway...moving on..

#5. Lay - Blonde Hair
First Appearance - Wolf Era 2013
Last Seen - Call Me Baby 2015

Gosh..If this rumor is a lie, I'll probably protest, guys. #BlondeYixing2k16. I personally feel it looked better the second time around,but we didn't get to enjoy for long now, did we? DID WE? *Stares at the SM stylist team*

Raise your hand if you're still bitter about this.
#6. D.O - Blonde
First Appearance - ???
Last Seen - In Your Dreams

C'mon guys, this will never happen, right? I mean, you can call me out later if I'm wrong, but c'mon. Let's ask ourselves this: Would D.O. ever let a stylist dye the first strand before he flipped a table and caused chaos? Think about it. The only confirmed look we have now is his new hair cut. The original poster removed it from Instagram, but the first rule of the EXO fandom is always to save photos that look likely to be taken down. As for blonde, we can still dream, can't we?

Oh snap! Forgot about this. See? He probably started a fight with the stylist before they got a chance to finish his entire head.
#7. Kai - Grey/White combination
First Seen - Growl Era 2013
Last Seen - Growl Era 2013

I need a moment...Hold on...**dies and comes back** If this proves to be true *tears* I think I may possibly forgive every wrong any stylist has ever committed in kpop, ever! If you ask any Kai fan, they'll tell you that this (other than black) is probably his BEST color of ALL time. This color made me a Kai fan, guys. Overdose hair was cool and it comes very close, but the glorious Growl era gifted us with this perfection that can only be rivaled by it's 2016 offspring. Let's hope they hit the mark even higher this time guys. **in tears** Prepare for the upcoming Kai spam.

This interview probably saved my life, guys.

**from beyond the grave**
#8. Sehun - Baby Pink
First Appearance - Growl Era
Last Seen - Growl Era

The glorious Growl Era...so many great things came from it. Some things I thought I would never see again. This new comeback is probably going to be extremely groundbreaking, if they really plan to pull out all the stops. If they really want me to buy more than one album, let's do rainbow hair for memory's sake. *wink wink*

#9. Chen - Brown Hair
First Appearance - Since the beginning
Last Seen - Probably some time last week

I probably only remember Chen with brown hair. Not black, not blonde, not red. Brown. His hair is probably brown right now.
Chen to me right now:

I'll probably update this post or make something new if we get anymore confirmed sightings. But until then, keep your eyes peeled, EXO-L!

credit: @baekkie.smile, 1, 2, photos credited as tagged/original owners
Written by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

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