[Staff Application] EXOdicted is hiring! Come join us! (Store & Band Audition)


Hi guys! How are you?
I'm here to tell you that we're hiring more people to join on our family!
Before you're asking us, why?!? why is EXOdicted opened up the Staff Application.. again?
Well, there are a lot of reason, we're lacking of active staff, we're still in need for more people to fill in each spot, etc. AND YEP, because EXO will be comeback like in a blink of an eye (Hmmm.... when is it ?.?)
Anyways, EXOdicted has a lot of plans and we need more people to join us.

The position that we urgently need are:
1. Reporter [URGENTLY NEED!]
2. Author
3. Writer
4. Korean Translator
5. Stylist
6. Subber [NEW!]
7. Motion Graphic
8. Compiler Admin
9. Uploader
10. EXOdicted's Volunteer
We have a lot of staff to hire, if you think you're match with one or two or three (the maximum position is three bcs I know you're excited but nope, too much work will burden you and you'll give up eventually!) let's join us, if you love the boys, don't spazz alone, don't let your magical hands and your sincere heart of loving EXO be wasted, you'll be so appreciated if you're the part of a fansite, our fansite is the first ever fansite of EXO, we're the first one that serve EXO-L everything they need, our fansite is trusted, if you're an old fans you must remember that EXO's manager, has left a thanks note for us (well its indirectly for us, we posted a fan-account about the fans who's bought ice cream to the EXO-M members back then when OT12 still exist and everything seems to be so full of love and of course, when they're still a rookie. Anyway, they said "Thank you for your love" to us, in our comment section and we're almost explode bcs of happiness #throwbackhappiness) but well, at least, they know that we're exist since they're still a 'hen', they're a 'big chicken' now, they're so famous. #whatamitalkingabout

If you still not sure, you want to join or not. This is the post for you to read, I'm sure you'll make a right choice by joining us :)

If you're interested, please CLICK HERE.
Write the form and send it to exdapplications@gmail.com

We're hiring authors for each bias. For example, if your bias is Chanyeol, you'll be the one that updates about Chanyeol in our site, it'll not only about his instagram updates, or his movies' updated info, or etc, if you ever find the HQ fantaken photos of Chanyeol, you'll also update it and hopefully you can make a compilation out of it, you'll also update about his news, everything that you found about him. No more pressure, you'll only share your love towards your bias. OT9 updates will be done by the Head Author. Divide tasks for the better results! We're waiting for you! Let's join us!


Hello, EXO-L’s!

It’s a great day. We are here again to tell you how possible it is to work things out together. The fansite is doing well (just in case you were wondering!) and we are getting bigger and better as the time passes. If you are one of those people whom we celebrate our 10 million reads with, you might guess that EXOdicted has a lot of things going on. Our EXO-L’E band is one; can you imagine a band whose talents came from across the globe? They’re waiting for you to let them play their songs here.

And oh yes, I almost forgot why we’re here. EXOdicted is gearing up for something big: we are re-opening our store which has been down for some time now. Just to be a little intimate here, we have already started writing out plans from scratch (Sweetie, a grand comeback is not only meant for EXO, it’s something meant for our store, too!) and what’s amazing is that “scratch” can transform into something beautiful and lively if we come together.

It is our passion that will make something extravagant. For the EXOdicted store, we are in a little crisis of getting more “store duties” done, and we need someone like you to cooperate with us. As for the time being, we, the store, are in need of the following:

  1. Graphic Designers
  3. Writer
  4. Coders/Web designer

We have them all ready for you. If you want to see what duties these positions are linked to, you can check here (you can apply for your desired position in that link, too!). And just in case you have not decided yet, we do not value only the applicants, but the “interested” ones also. All our social media sites are open just in case you have to ask or confirm something. Leaving a comment is something we pay attention to as well.

To send an application, Please head over to this link: goo.gl/pEOpbd

We'd love to see your applications! 

~ EXO - L'E AUDITION 2016 ~

Hello everybody, it has been a long time since I have posted here. This post however is not EXO related, but EXO-L related.

You all know that EXOdicted started a band of talented EXO-L, with the name of EXO-L'E. The name stands for EXO-L and 'E' for English, as the band covers EXO's songs in English. We released Mama, What is love and History and now 2 short covers of Lucky One and Monster for all of you who want to audition.

Here's how it goes, we're recruiting talented people for the following positions:


*Audio Mixers
*Video Makers
*Graphic Designers
*SNS Moderators

You just have to be a sincere EXO fan to join in, isn't that easy?

Information regarding how to apply:

Listen to our short English cover of Lucky One and professionally record it yourself. You should only sing the part in our cover using our English lyrics.

Listen to our short English cover of Monster and professionally record it yourself. You should only rap the part in our cover using our English lyrics.

Watch our dancing cover performed by our member Ash, and choose which dance you'd like to perform. Choices are either History or Monster. We accept single dancers, but group dancers are preferable.

Write an English cover of 'XOXO (kisses and Hugs)' and record it.
PS. We're not going to judge your voice, we just want to know how the words flow with the tune.
PPS. We need to see the written lyrics and hear the recording.

Provide the link of any piece you have merged and mixed completely by yourself.

Provide the link of a video you have made and designed by yourself.

Make a banner for the band to be used in the future. Choices of color and textures are up to you.


-Make sure all audition videos are private/unlisted. If any are found to be accessible to public view it won't be accepted and applicant will be out. This is regarding the Performers audition and Lyricists only.
-If you're younger than 18, your parents must be notified about your interest in joining us.
-If you're accepted, we'll contact you through LINE; since it's the only mean of communication between us, thus having a LINE account is a must.
-If you're not accepted you'll still be notified. We can't take on everyone who auditions, but we hope you'll continue to support us and apply again next time
-This is opened for all Genders, Nationalities, Religions and Beliefs. All what you have to do to be considered is to be an EXO-L.

To Apply, fill out this form and make sure to put in the right links.
The deadline of this audition is on 1st October.

For more information and questions, you can contact us through the following links:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exole.exd
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/exole_exd
- Instagram: www.instagram.com/exole_exd
- Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/exole_exd
You can also check out our youtube channel here: http://youtube.com/c/exole_exd

We wish you all best of luck! Thank you for following EXO-L'E and EXOdicted.

Written by: Nada@exodicted.net

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