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Thursday, May 5, 2016

[PHOTOSHOOT/SCANS/TRANS] 160504 Lay for Men`s Uno Magazine & Interview *Updated*

*Updated With HQ Scans & Interview*

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“His idol position that temporarily cannot be thrown away, as well as his proper speech and actions, have coincidentally formed Zhang Yixing’s unique characteristics; his “adorkable” image goes deep into everyone’s hearts, especially when his true feelings show while filming reality shows. Beneath his gentle lamb-like demeanor, Zhang Yixing has a strong heart. Being stubborn and having only one path of thought are his “weaknesses”, but moreover they are his “strengths”; choosing one path, and persevering to make it to the end. To Zhang Yixing, regardless of the troubles in the world, he will - without a stray thought - continue to be a hardworking and simple person.

Before coming into contact with Zhang Yixing, the most commonly heard comment about him had been “extremely polite”. This characteristic brings in countless fans, and sends his popularity through the roof. Maybe it’s because the modern youth don’t pay much attention to the details of etiquette, so when someone as polite as he suddenly appears, he seems especially precious.

On the second day of filming, Yixing had three schedules lined up, and it was late into the night when filming wrapped up. Just by his ability to not omit any etiquette no matter how busy and tired he may be, it’s obvious that he isn’t only polite on the surface.

The feeling he gives off during interviews differs from “Go Fighting”. The slightly slow boy who’s always tricked by his “bad uncles” is clearly a very smart person who reacts quickly. Although when you think about it, it’s understandable; compared to the entertainment industry’s experienced players, this young man who hasn’t debuted for long seems less mature.

Regardless of what labels the outside world pins onto Zhang Yixing, he will only view “work hard, work hard, and work harder” as his motto. One year, Zhang Yixing spent New Year’s Eve in the practice room. Due to his work schedule that year, he missed some dance classes, and so while everyone else went home for New Year’s, he was practicing alone because he didn’t want to drag the other members down.

Back when he was a trainee, his life consisted of ten hours a day in the practice room. Out of the entire group, he was the first one to come and the last one to leave, yet the staff by his side never heard him complain once. Even when he was injured, he only pushed past it with gritted teeth. His mother’s most vivid memory was video calling him, and he twisted his sweat-soaked shirt: “Mom, I worked hard, if I don’t get the chance to debut, don’t blame me.” Really, to his mother, it wasn’t important whether or not he debuted; she only wished for him to be healthy and happy, but this precocious boy gave himself too many adult responsibilities.

From finally debuting to setting up his personal work studio, Zhang Yixing’s path was never smooth. And today, how to jump away from the “fight camp” of “little fresh meats” in order to find his own unique position, is probably the problem Zhang Yixing thinks about the most. In reality, he has a clear knowledge of himself and his environment. “I’ve always thought that this industry’s competition isn’t about explosive force, it’s about stamina and endurance, because things will change with every generation, and all I can do is to continue working hard.”

(Credit: @smexo_news)
picture credit; 吸桑 | translation credit; fy-zyixing
Shared by Aishwarya@ EXOdicted.net

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