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Saturday, May 21, 2016

[EXODICTED FEATURE] 160513 EXO-L`E 's Debut- MAMA Cover

Do you guys remember the last EXOdicted's announcement about the new features this fansite is going to have? This band is a new feature as well.

So, basically this band is powered by EXOdicted and it consists of 6 main Vocalists and Rappers and 3 Lyricists who help each other with all the graphics, videos and mixing skills we have.

It has been first decided to bring ourselves to you sooner, but some technical problems happened in mixing and one vocal member left (we were 7 before but now 6) due to some issues. The debut date has been delayed twice, but here we are now doing this to all of you.
This band's main aim is to cover EXO's songs in English and deliver it to you with the most touching meaning the lyrics have and our talents. Although we are not professional as many, but we believe that we will be some day with the help of you all.

Since it's something that has never been tried before, we hope it will be good enough to capture the attention of EXO-L all over the world. 

Make sure to subscribe, like and follow us on these accounts because there'll be more interesting things in the future posted there, and not all the songs will be posted here on EXOdicted because this fansite focuses more on what you all want to know - EXO News.
Pris, Flori, Ash, Puchi, J.Lee, Scar, Nada and MJ will all be excited to talk to you once in awhile too. So, here's the links:

Youtube: EXO-L'E
☞ Facebook : facebook.com/exole.exd/
☞ Instagram : instagram.com/exole_exd/

☞ Twitter : twitter.com/exole_exd

☞ Soundcloud : @exole_exd

Here's our first Song ever.
Please support us!

Don't ever steal the lyrics or the cover and claim it as yours. The main MV goes back to SME and specifically our boys. Intro video credits: 

Other things are ours, so please appreciate our work on them and do not claim them as yours.

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