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Monday, May 9, 2016

[Editorial] 5 Reasons for you to be a staff of EXOdicted!

Hello EXO-L’s, How have you been lately? Weekend is over but the fun is never stopping! We can’t deny the fact that EXO’s summer comeback is fast-approaching and the highlight is not lying there alone. We can expect EXO to be appearing on numerous TV, music and radio shows, We also cannot forget that they have been kicking off their solo activities from here to there!, We have so much to look forward to in the next couple of months, Bless our EXO-L hearts!

Anyway, Our blog post today is a little different. As a fanbase, You can rely on us if you are looking for EXO’s latest news, translations, compilations and others but right now, let’s spin things around and make it a little more interesting.

You should  know by now that we are a group of people working for this fansite. Coming from a staff like myself, The basic idea that “its fun and humbling” to be a part of EXODicted just lies below the ground. I personally hope that you would appreciate if I get the ideas “more vivid” this time. After contemplating with all our staffs, I have compiled 5 realistic reasons why the EXD experience, being fun and humbling. is an understatement.

1.    We believe in you. - You should join because we believe you are a great addition to our team. Our fansite is composed of people that's eager to learn and more often, we tend to have a room for everyone's growth. We know you have the talent and skills (and hey, that’s great!) but at some point in time, We feel like there’s still an inner beauty in you that hasn’t found its way out. What’s amazing is we can maximize your potentials and we can learn from each other.

2.    We don’t bite like a dragon - While we all know that there is a high demand for our work, We have encouraging and “ultra-friendly” staffs from all over the world to make things easy for you. Besides doing our duties to bring latest news and fun to every EXO-L's, We take things (our responsibilities) on a "lighter carry-on baggage" because we believe that being "forced" to do deal with things is pointless! Moreover, We believe that "baby steps" is a great foundation for one to improve and  if it happens that you feel you need further enlightenment on things you don't feel most confident about, You can expect us to be your companion. We'll work things out together, Just give us a day, though!

3.    We understand your “feels” - Say your heart can take it when Sehun’s airport fashion is too dazzling or Lay’s Weibo update reminds you of something beautiful in your life. These circumstances are just 0.1% of what we experience on our lives being an EXO-L and what often happens is, It infiltrates our soul.For EXODicted, that’s alright for as long as you don’t hurt anybody and you’ll do your part on our fansite! Just a hint, We have a small chatbox specially made for your “feels”, We leave all the fansite work on a different place so surely, you’ll do fine!

4.    Being updated about EXO can reach to more people. All thanks to you. - We all have commitments besides “fangirling or fanboying” and mentioning it right now is not ideal. And yes, We are all superheroes that juggles from here to there. We might be busy beating the deadline given by our bosses or instructors but it’s miraculous that we still have the time to please ourselves by getting an update about EXO. These beautifully-made updates doesn’t deserve small masses only and since you’re so fab, it simply widens your reach to a larger extent and that shouldn’t stop there. Who knows, that beautiful news/update that you found can be a source of inspiration for other EXO-L’s, too!

5.    We are your friends like a real family. - Drama on and it’s a real bad day. Life is too much for you to take a ride on and all you just wanted was to talk things over to let the “heavy load” of your life out, We aren’t made to be your professional life coach but like you, We encounter the same thing too. We are sometimes faced with personal issues and being a friend to you, You can rely to us at any cost.

There you go, I have a lot share but I think now is not the right time to spill the beans. Maybe you’ll get to know ExoDicted better once we get the chance to meet.

Staff application is still open!
We urgently need; Reporter, Writer, Author, Editor and Motion Graphic. But, all position is available, we just urgently people to fill these 5 important position as soon as possible. Please apply if you interested <3

See you!

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