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Saturday, May 7, 2016

[COMPILATION] 160506 Baekhyun's birthday party (Fancam + Fan-account + Fantaken]

Before and during the party:


Fan-event & fan-gift:
Celebration fountain

Baekhyun: I'm the MC and im the main, Im going to do all today. oh the cake came. Its seems like everyone is wearing thin clothes. Cake is usually for surprise but since I planned, I already knew
I wish you guys were able to bring snacks but Artium doesnt allow ppl to bring.. we cant ignore tthe rule right? We should gather all the snacks, look at each other closely but Artium is a bit..
I wanted to hold the bday party because I felt greedy when I saw members get congrats on the stage. I wanted to do with all the paeople that I love.
Baekhyun: The actually name that i was gonna have was BaekHo. They tho i was a girl when my mom had me because she wanted to eat strawberries, EXO-L: ur pretty!! Baekhyun: no im handsome

Q.whats Supreme to Baekhyun?
BH: I have a lot and i really love it. Theres new one on every fri so I go on internet at 11:59 to buy it. Its really comfortable so i like it
Exo-L: I LIKE YOU!!!!

Q. Are you actually better dancing then ShimJaewon?
BH: hes really good at dancing. When we start new activicies, im gonna learn it from him

Q. What do u do first when u wake up?
BH: wat do i do..
EXO-L: turn off the alarm?
BH: i dont set alarm, other members wake me upㅋㅋㅋ

BH: i eat Vitamins in the morning.when u r young, ur mom tell u to keep eat vitamins and u say its fine but as u grow up, u do need to eat..
Baekhyun is filmig his drama tmr ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Q.what do u feel about fans' fanchant?
BH: at Dream con or awards..since exols voices r really loud,id feel like going back to waitin room

Q.where did u get the idea of unfair costum?
BH:there r lot of careers in the world, I wished everyone would listen to our song

Best 3 when BH is handsome/cool!
BH: I did not plan this
Best3! When he dance on the stage! Should i show it to u guys?
Best 3 was 'when he dance on the stage especially the beginning of overdose' and BH said it was actually Kai's part
Best 2! When he breathe
BH: I have to breathe tho..
BH: Best 3 what exols want to listen from Baekhyun
Baekhyun just said how he came up with "Kkaebsong" (like what he did on EXO SHOWTIME) and Eris said it along w him
BH asked what fans want him to do, fans scremed to him to do Twice's cheer up 'shy shy shy' part and he did itㅠㅠㅠㅠ
He did once more and he changed the lyrics to 'To meet Aeris, shy shy shy'ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Best 3: lets be together
Best 2: Aeris, appa is here
Best 1: i love you

BH: u guys are just so cute. Isnt it fun to sing together?

-D.O came to the stage-
KS: hello, im so happy to attend Baekhyun's bday party
BH: arent u busy?
KS: other members have schedule but i dont
BH: i was actually surprised. I had to have 2 cue cards but staff said they gonna give me later and they send with D.O

OX quiz and Baekhyun said 10 winners will get prizes that BH prepared and he said its Nature Republic set, hats so hat, Spao shirts.

D.O: first question. Baekhyun's bday is May 6th. Baekhyun's bday is saturday.. O or X?
BH: who made this question

Q2. BH has 2 brothers/1 sis
Q3. His role in Moon Lover is 9th prince
Q4. The stage BH did on exo902014 was GOD's to mom
Q5. BH's age is 4th last in exo
Q6. BH was born in the year of chicken
Q7. BH's first insta post was on 2014.05.07

BH sang my answer and exols asked kyungsoo to sing, KS made a siren sound and sang
BH told winners to come to the stageㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
KS: i was waiting at the back listening to Dream
BH: wasnt it good?
KS: it was really good, fans singing along was really good
All members sending birthday wish to baekhyun through vcr ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Xiumin came to the stage-
Minseok: hello this is Baekhyun's hyung, Xiumin
BH: hyung also didnt have a schedule?
MS: no i had a schedule, I was working on the movie

5 fans have a same birthday as baekhyun, hes giving them a gift now
BH: i will take selfie w them:do a sign. It is really touching becuz even on their bday, they didnt go hang out w friend instead coming here
MS: are u guys jealous?
Exo-ls: yes..
MS:i would get jealous too

Baekhyun isnt in a good condition but hes singing his best for fans

BH: i will finish with aegyo. "To meet Aeris, shy shy shy~"
BH: im going now~ sorry that the stage was too far away! Bye bye! meet aries, shy shy shy~ OUR COMEBACK IS NEAR!

D.O's last ment
"Baekhyun is the center of EXO and protecting us, there may be fans who couldnt come here bht BH really is getting energy by fans, baekhyun will make u happy/plz love him a lot"

BH:fans here will love u too right? Please say I love you D.O
BH: Aeris really are my daughters

Kyungsoo said it was hard filming their birthday message & keeping it a secret. Baekhyun said they probably filmed it while in Japan.
Xiumin's ment in vcr: im becoming 30 soonㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

After singing 'DREAM' with Eris, Baekhyun said that Eris are cute. In the middle of talking, Baekhyun said: "I should meet u guys again on 22nd. Everyone knows whose birthday it is!"
When Xiumin said he will have a birthday party too (unless sm doesn't let him), baekhyun said he will be the MC ;)

Top 3 songs that suit Baekhyun
3rd: Butterfly Grave
2nd: The Manual by Eddy Kim
1st: Moon of Seoul

Baekhyun said everyone is his daughter regardless of age then someone shouted "Appa!!" (daddy) and Baekhyun was like "Why??"

Before he sang he said "I missed the moment when i was 20 years old and went to school. When u guys get old and have son/daughters.. it will be good when u think about this in the future right? I will sing this song as I think that im going back to the past"

Q8. In showtime, Bh said he cant eat one chicken himself, now he can
Q9. BH has a mole on the upper right side of lip/right hand thumb
Q10. BH's kkaebsong means to regreatful
Q11. BH's Beautiful was released on 2015.04.27
Q12. In Dream, BH says a word 'Dream' 5 times
Q13. In the 2nd full album, EXODUS, the song that BH has the most part is 'What If' (except CMB)
Q14. BH's part in Call Me Baby in 35 secs

Xiumin's last ment:
"Because for u guys, Baekhyun held a bday party even tho he can rest. Baekhyun has tons of schedule these days, he's prob not in a good condition rn. We came here to meet u guys..arent u guys looking forward to his drama? because Baekhyun, D.O and I will have solo activities this year so please look forward to it. Thank you!"

Q.Do you accept daughters who are older than you?
BH: whether you are older or not, all of you are my daughter

Baekhyun's birthday letter:

After Party + EXO members that attend the party:

(Credit: as tagged, ibaekrauhls, thyce_boys)
Compiled by Fika @ exodicted.net

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