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Saturday, May 7, 2016

[ARTICLE] 160506 BAEKHYUN's Birthday Letter

To the one who is my main source of inspiration, Byun Baekhyun.

Twenty Four years have passed since your first laughs were heard on Earth. But sadly, you were only given notice 4 years ago. However, thank Goodness that you're in my life. 

You literally became my everyday search. There's not a single day where I didn't watch videos featuring you. I became the person whom you could ask how many videos were uploaded about you and what were you doing in them. 

I become intoxicated by your laughter and your clumsy behavior with Chanyeol, Chen, Kyungsoo, Kai, Sehun and everyone else. Your low-quality jokes that still make me crack up from laughter and the faces you make when making fun of your members. I am sure that's why you are apart of the beagle line. 

That hair flip though *sqeeeeeals*

Watching you smile is like heaven. Believe me, just a smile of your's makes your fans' day complete.

Looking at your dance performances, you always stand out in my eyes. Even though Kai is the main dancer of the band and also my bias (cuz duh~ EXO members are all my biases lol), you are always my favorite.

Did you ever think that you may cause a heart attack? With those types of moves, you send your fans to their edges.

Why is this tongue out, whayyyyyyyy? *diesss*

Like that time when you came out to protect your naked members and made weird dance steps to distract the fans when the curtains fell. You always were and always will be a hero.

Your sweet angel like melodies. Your vocal cords are really a gift, and the best part is, you really know how to use them. Thank you for those lullabies that make my mood thousand times better. Thank you for your ad-libs that make me scream every time I hear them. 

What I don't understand the most is how can a person be this handsome and cute? Thank God for this Miracle.

Gosh, how can the word '누나' 'Noona' be this beautiful coming out from those magnificent lips? 

There are countless number of fans who wish to be in the place of this drink.

Or this Ice cream *wink* *wink*

I can go on for hours and hours and write pages and pages about the reasons why you're perfect. Or to thank you for a lot of things and fan girl. Since I couldn't do that, I wrote some lines.

"I know I am not noticed by you.
Neither now nor in forever too.
Although I wish to meet you someday before my life ends, will my wish ever come true?

You complete my days with happiness.
Watching your smile, listening to your voice, thank God for this bless!
I know my life is not perfect, but I care less.

Thanks for being my inspirer, my motivator, and my virus.
You know how to infect people, you are stuck into the hearts of all of us.

But it's not a bad infection, in fact we are grateful for you.
Yes, thank you Byun Baekhyun for giving me a beautiful day, for appearing in my dreams too.
And lastly, my bias, keep up the good work, don't stress yourself. Now and Forever, We will always Love you.

Happy 24th Birthday again, BYUN BAEKKHYUN.
We wish you a happy life full of smiles, hopes, and inspiration. We'll always support you forever.
Baekhyun-ssi, Your Aeris love you <3

(Credits: Some gifs are made by me, but real videos go to their real owner. I own nothing here except the header, my
 sincere words and poem. so if using it, give me credits and let me know.)

Oh guys, It's my birthday too hahaha
Written by: Nada@EXOdicted.net
Take out with full and proper credits, Do not hotlink!

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