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Friday, April 1, 2016

[UPDATE] EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal Confirm They Are Dating

It wasn’t an April Fools’ joke.
Earlier today on April 1, KST, local news source Dispatch reported that EXO member Kai and f(x) member Krystal are dating.
These two are label-mates, housed under SM Entertainment, and both were born in 1994. They have known each other for about 10 years, having met in 2007 as trainees, and their romantic relationship reportedly began this spring.
Now SM Entertainment confirms that the two artists are dating,”having become interested in each other recently after being friends.”
They are SM’s second confirmed in-house couple after EXO’s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon were confirmed in 2014.

[헤럴드POP=이호연 기자] 엑소 카이와 에프엑스 크리스탈이 열애 중이다.
SM엔터테인먼트 측은 1일 헤럴드POP에 "카이와 크리스탈이 친구로 지내다 최근 호감을 갖기 시작했다"라고 밝혔다.
1994년생 동갑내기이자 2007년 SM 입사 동기인 두 사람은 한솥밥 친구에서 공식 연인으로 발전했다. 지난해 결별한 소녀시대 태연과 엑소 백현 이후 두 번째 SM 사내 커플.
앞서 한 매체는 카이와 크리스탈이 각자의 해외 투어 중 시간을 쪼개 데이트를 즐겼다고 보도했다.
한편 카이는 이날 오후 롯데월드 가든스테이지에서 '시크릿 나이트'를 개최한다.

(Credit: Soompi and Entertain.naver)
Shared by lynn@EXOdicted.net

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  1. I thought it was a 1st April joke but OMG OMG OMG
    I don't know how to react about it LOL


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