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Thursday, April 14, 2016

[TRANS] 160409 16th Top Chinese Music Awards Transcription

[Call Me Baby performance]

Host 1: Once again, let’s welcome EXO! Please greet everyone!

Suho: One, two, three,
Everyone: We are one! Hello everybody, we are EXO.
Host 1 : After all, we haven’t met for a long time. Please say hello to the audience one by one.
Host 2 : Yes, please greet your fans.
Sehun: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Sehun!
Baekhyun: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Baekhyun!
Xiumin: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Xiumin! Xiumin!
Chen: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Chen!
Suho: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s leader, Suho!
Kai: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Kai!
Lay: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Lay, Zhang Yi Xing!
D.O: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s D.O!
Chanyeol: Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Chanyeol!

Host 2 : With these kinds of cheers, we can see that the Chinese fans have really missed you guys.
Host 1 : Yes. Just now, I mentioned a time, that is 8th of April 2012. By changing the time, it’s already four years. Actually, after the 4th year of debut, how do the members feel?

Lay: Firstly, happy. It’s already four years and we still have so many friends with us. But isn’t there a saying that we are the representatives of youth? Then I would like to tell the people who are younger than us to try, try, and try harder! The hard work you give today will decide how your future will be. Thank you everyone!

Host: I especially want to say that last night I was in the same plane with Zhang Yixing. At that time, he saw me. He called me. And then I was surprised and said, “Hey, Yixing.” Then he said we know each other for exactly 4 years. So that means, in his brain, April 8th is the day when they started their debut. And I still remember that time I said he was a crybaby.

Host 2: Yes, that time we kept joking about him on stage.
Host 1: Then was my first interview with Baekhyun; I made a joke that he had the most eyeliner among the members in this group.
Host 2: Four years have gone by; what changed the most? Allow me to say something, I saw Chanyeol’s sweat kept dripping.

Chanyeol: We haven't performed at this stage for a really long time, so we gave a lot of effort into it, so now we're really tired.

Host 2: Yes, very tired but feeling accomplished at heart.
Host 1: Four years have gone by, and in what ways do you guys think that you've changed?

Suho: EXO’s and EXO’s L relationship became better.

Host 1: Yes, we felt that too. All the warm love from their hearts. EXO finished their 2nd world tour that lasted for a year, and thank you to all the fans for their concern. Now, let’s continue. I'm curious about the progression of the song album and the world tour.

Chen: We are always getting prepared for the next concert, and we are also preparing our new album. Then after we release our new album, we will do another interview with China.

Host 2: Is it fine if I help you guys to get a welfare? Because they were standing on stage for so long, so let them give you guys a lovestrike, alright?
Host 1: One by one!
Host 2: Of course! One by one!
Host 1 & 2: Sehun.
Host 1: Sehun wants to look at which direction?
Host 2: Off course it's 360 degrees!
Host 1: Let him talk.
Host 1: You have more heart than he does.

Xiumin: I love you guys!

Host 2: Wahh!
Host 1: Chen.
Host 1 & 2: You are too shy
Host 2: There are someone who is talking.
Host 2: You threw that too far. Even the last row could feel it. Am I right?
Host 1 & 2: Yixing!
Host 2: Yixing is the intro-heart style one.
Host 1 & 2: D.O
Host 2: Last one, Chanyeol! What happened to you? Did you realize that their actions are getting bigger and bigger?
Host 1: Okay, let's give the stage back to EXO and they will continue their performance!

[Love Me Right performance.]

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