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Thursday, April 21, 2016

[NEWS]160419 Kaifanunion Registered A Bill Of Indictment with A Professional Lawyer

As you have seen in the past couple of weeks since the release of the news that Kai was in a relationship with label mate, Krystal, a smear campaign of Kai's reputation has since ensued. The fans have had enough, and it has even moved one fan union to take legal action. Their statement below:


Last week, the kai fan union registered its first bill of indictment with a professional libel lawyer as the legal representative. Thanks to the participation of many people, we gathered evidence of defendant’s breaking the law,  and based on this we received number legal counseling sessions and conducted the accusation. 
We accused those who uploaded serious personal insulting posts on websites which we were able to track with their IP address or original address. 
We are currently waiting for the responsible detective to be placed.  

The kai fan union will not stop at making one accusations, and will continuously act strongly towards spreading false information, personal attacks and public opinion manipulation.
We are planning on accusing those who posted these on social networking sites such as twitter, and posts on daum and naver cafes.

Therefore, we need your continuous support and interest.
We ask you to keep monitor and collect evidence.
This is going to be a long journey but we will do our best. Thank you.

This was posted in multiple languages, so they are completely serious when it comes to this. Official documents were also uploaded to show the legitimacy of this all. You can view them here.

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