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Saturday, April 23, 2016

[SCANS]160422 Suho for ViVi Magazine June Issue + Translation

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Suho said he likes studying a lot. His marks in English & Chinese classes were high; he considers himself an "honor roll student."
Suho: "If I didn't become an EXO member, I think I would've became a school teacher."
Suho is really into <Star Wars> these days, so he purchased a lot of merchandise when he was in America for tour.
Suho: "I want an actual lightsaber, not a toy. If I have one, as a leader of exo, I wouldn't be scared of anything!"
Suho: "1 thing I consider important as a leader is to never lose my nervousness. always be aware if a member loses his focus."
Suho: "I’ve been into taking care of my body these days, so when I have time I go to work out & never eat carbs at night time."
Suho: "My goals as a leader is to not only be harsh when necessary, but to have a sweet side as well." Suho said he likes pure, cute girls.  Simple looking, likes skirts & he would like to take her to universal studio in Japan! Suho said he wants to become a nice, caring (manly) man asking, "Are you tired?" once in a while to his date ㅎㅎ
Suho: "The most special date can come out of just being/spending time with each other. That itself makes my heart pound."

(Credit: vivi.tv ; springlight506, SMent_EXO)
Shared by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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