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Thursday, April 14, 2016

[EXOdicted's Features] EXO's Chinese Lesson #1

Welcome to EXOdicted's new feature; Lesson!
Do you wish to know Lay's Weibo/Instagram post or their interview video in Chinese? As an International fans we're mostly depend on the translator and or we have to wait for the english subbed video again. Don't worry! We're about to grant your wish!
We'll post every lesson twice a week to help you learn Chinese that's mostly related to EXO!
Today, the first post of our Lesson is; 'How to pronounce EXO's names in Chinese & their real name in Pinyin/Simplified/Traditional way'
Let's go!
*Click to en-large!
How to pronounce it?

After listening to it, say it louder and repeat it many-many times once you understand how to pronounce it really well, I'm sure you can start to write the pinyin of their name. Try to write it on the paper and repeat it many times and then you can go into the next step which is adding the Chinese keyboard on your phone and start typing their names there, I'm sure you know it!
Record your voice on Soundcloud or Youtube and share the link below in the comment or if you try to write it on the paper, take a picture of it then upload it on Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to tag us (Twitter: @EXOdicted / Instagram: @EXOdicted_Intl) and we're gonna feature it on our next Lesson! 

You can request something for us to teach you on the next Lesson, whether how to pronounce their lyrics, the meaning of their song, etc! Just write your comment below!
Okay then, that's all!
We'll be back again shortly with so many Chinese Lesson about EXO! 
See you on the next lesson!
We're going to have Korean Lesson as well but we're still in need for more Korean Translator to join us so if you know Korean, Please join us! More information, click here.

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