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Sunday, May 1, 2016

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Happy Anniversary to EXOdicted, plans + more staff application!

Hi guys!
I'm back agaiiiin~
AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! woo woooo wooo *throws firework emojis*
Wow and WOW! Its been 4 years of us running together with EXO and also its been 4 years for us too being together as EXOdicted.

To our new readers, hello and welcome to EXOdicted! The very first fansite of EXO based on Blogger! Established since 1st April of 2012❤

█░█░░░█ █▀▀ █░░ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █▀▄▀█ █▀▀ ░█
█░█▄█▄█ █▀▀ █░░ █░░ █░░█ █░▀░█ █▀▀ ░█
█░░▀░▀░ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀░░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░█

To our old readers, hello guys! Its me again and its been SUCH a long time for me to be here and talk to you guys again.
I'm so EXCITED!😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Although our anniversary day has passed, which was in 1st April, but our first post was in 8th April so we decided to let the holy 8th April to be our anniversary day so we're gonna have the same birthday with EXO!! *internal scream*
Anyways, we've been going lots of things together. EXO may lost 3 of their members but EXOdicted has lost so many potential staff as well since 2012 /sobs/
There lots of diligent and dedicated staff in 2012 and 2013 and even in 2014! As EXO has reach their highest level in their career (which I mean they sold one million copies of album, *BOOOM!* won mostly amazing awards *BOOOOM!* has lots of fangirls and even /cough/ sasaengs *BOOOOM!* and etc) but then the most terrible and shocking news came, one by one and step by step and slowly but sure has ruined our life (You know what I mean..) some of fans left the fandom, some of them stay, some of them need a break... and then EXOdicted lost all of the diligent staff... and then everything's change.
But that's okay, at least, we had shared each other's sadness & happiness together and that we'll support our boys forever.
That's all in the past, EXOdicted is going to grow bigger and bigger because as of now, our staff is even more diligent and ready to learn everything together, support each other and critics each other in sake of building the site together. I couldn't be more proud of them.

Talking about EXOdicted, we have been doing some of amazing projects and even noticed by EXO-M Manager in the past. It's been a long way but we're getting stronger than everrrrrrrrrr!
Some of our project are:
1. Donating animals (EXO's anniversary) - read more here.
2. Sending gifts to EXO (EXO's 2nd anniversary) - read more here.
3. EXOdicted's Magazine (EXO's 3rd years anniversary) - read more here.
4. A charity project for Cancer patients under the name of EXO (EXO's 4th years anniversary) - official article will be posted soon!

And more-more amazing projects that we will definetely do in the future!
I'm sooo sincerely thankful for all of your support and love to us, all of the projects will never be existed without you guys! So thank you very much!

Okay so, in this new year, we're also changing (and adding) some of new stuff to EXOdicted. There'll be features, that'll contains every fun & fresh stuff (such as EXOdicted's Lesson, the continuation of EXOdictSubs, EXO's news-letter, OUR BAND!! YAY! and many more!). And also, we're changing our system: we'll post every Download & Engsub (except from EXOdictSubs) to our forum, which you can open here, if you haven't register! Sign up now! Our forum will change its concept and there'll be a lot of fan-event there so MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP!
Oh and I think that's all as of now, our staff is still discussing more-more contents that we'll bring to you!
Please Note!

All of the engsub and download posts will be on our forum! So bookmark our forum now!

Also, we're SOOO in need for more people to join us as a new staff!
The most needed position is;
1. Korean Translator
2. Motion Graphics
3. Graphic Designer
4. Writer
5. Author
6. Reporter
7. Subber

Click here to find out more!

These 7 are sooo important and we're sooo in need for it. So, if you're interested, JOIN US NOW! We welcome each of you to join us!

Looking back in the past, every anniversary post is filled with lots of sincere words and love about EXO. Hoping them to win on music shows or hoping them to be on this award or see them on some basic event, all of these are in the past. Right now, they're the legend, one of the most successful group in SM and I'm so-so-so proud of them.
Its been 4 years. We've been struggling and being happy together, there are rumors, scandal, and many more things that we have to face together but I hope you guys will always in love with EXO, as I am, my bias is no longer a part of EXO but I'm still supporting both of them. EXO is the reason for all the good things in my life, from 2012 till now, my hart still beating so fast whenever I see someone mentioned about EXO or when I watch their fancam. My bias kept changing a lot, well, I found out I'm in love with Kim Minseok lately. Cute little fluffy-ball who smiles a lot <3
Its been such a long journey but I'll always and forever supporting EXO.

To all my staff , I'm so proud of you guys and I hope that we can always be together. Thank you for being soo solid with each other, being so dedicated and trusted, for being sooo hard-working to EXOdicted. I love you guys, stay with EXOdicted forever, okay? Being a fan is not all about loving your idols, singing their music, watching their MVs; Being a fan is all about how to feedback on the hardwork of our idols.
That's why fansite noonas love to make sites in order to feedback on the hardwork of their favorite idols.  
We should learn from them!

To all of my readers, thank you guys so much for always checking on us and make us your number one sources to get every updated things of EXO. We're kinda of hiatus for so long because we're soo lack of Authors, but we're doing our best to always serve you the fastest update of EXO in 24/7. Please continue to support us and give us more love! 

From 2012 till forever,

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