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Sunday, May 1, 2016

#4YearsWithEXO Project Success Post (with WCC USA's message to EXO-L's!)

Greetings! Finally EXO’s 4 year anniversary has already come and gone. Can you believe it’s already been 4 years with them? That’s 1,460 days with our dear boys. If you’re still here now after all we’ve been through as a fandom, and after all EXO has been through as a group; that means you are strong. One debut, seven comebacks, eight album releases, and 174 awards won. The three departures that we faced…it was hard on everyone no matter what view you took. Time heals all wounds, and this one has slowly continued to heal over the years. No matter how much our fandom may disagree, I really feel our unity when we all become one at concerts. When I hear the loudest fan chants of the night coming from my fellow fans, I feel so happy and proud. No matter what language we speak or where we live, EXO is the one common thing that has brought us all together. Let’s all be the EXO-L that can depend on each other from here on out! No matter what comes in the future, let’s always support them and each other. Even if your love has faded over time, remember those times where you adored them the most. Treasure those memories forever. Let’s start off this 5th year with EXO on the right note, everyone. They haven’t given up, so neither should we.

(By the way, We are sorry that this blog post took over 2 weeks before it was officially published. We got to wait for some stuffs that are needed for this particular blog post. Okay everyone? let's be happy!)

We kicked off the start of this project back in early March and here we are already in late-April. Thank you to each and every one of our donors as well as everyone who helped spread the word on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, and various other SNS. There was no set goal, but it went really well. We can officially count this project as a success!
Duration: March 7, 2016April 8, 2016
Total raised: $320.00

All the donations were sent to World Child Cancer USA last April 9, 2016! Please see image below:

Just a short story: Before the last day of the project duration, We posted an update on how much we have collected. The total donation was around 169$. April 8 came and we were so happy that the number of donors went up and so is the donations! (Hello to the last minute donors, We all made it!)

Of course, We won't be able to reach 320.00$ if not for the donors who sent their messages of encouragement for the kids with cancer and all the fanbases who have helped us widen our reach to fellow EXO-L's across the globe.

World Child Cancer USA was so happy that Ms. Leann Fickes (WCC USA's Executive Director) sent us some greetings and thanks below, Make sure to watch it! (You can see more on our SNS especially on our twitter. )

And now for our giveaway: Just to make everything clear, We did the raffle on the said date (April 9) but the first winner failed to give us a response within 48 hours so we had to choose another winner on April 11 instead. Our winner is.... (drum rolls please!)

#156 (Kathy Nguyen from the USA) We already got her shipping address after sending her an email. We hope she'll enjoy the ExoLuXion in Seoul DVD with some freebies!

(the giveaway participants, we have received 191 entries) 

With the success of this project, we have not only been able to help children with cancer, but we’ve also proved that EXO-L truly are one. After working together this past month, we’ll get to see the fruitage of our unity when the children receive the help they so desperately need.
In the future, hopefully we can do something else like this again. A different project. A different reason. We’ll need your help! Again, from all the staff here at EXOdicted, we thank you tremendously.

'Til our next project!

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