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Thursday, March 10, 2016

[TRANS]160309 VivaPolo Facebook Update

Jay used to be sick and old.
So he used to be thrown away (by owners)...
He was a puppy who was hurt a lot (inside and out).
We brought him home due to someone close to us asking for a favor.
He wouldn't listen to us and was rough..
We couldn't reach out to him easily
But he was different in Chanyeol's hands
As soon as he (Chanyeol) saw the puppy, He embraced (Jay) into his arms
And caressed him while embracing him in his chest.
Then he came up with the name 'Jay'
To Jay, Chanyeol was an owner that listened (obeyed) him.
During one night,
Chanyeol was asleep in my room, so I picked him up to bring him back to his room.
But Jay ran like the wind and bit my face..
Jay thought that I was hurting Chanyeol.
I was so scared and it also hurt a lot..he bit my face till it was bleeding
I still remember bringing Jay to the ground
Brought a newspaper and crumbled it up while hitting it on the ground, making sure he knew he was in trouble
He (Chanyeol) was in a lot of pain, cried for a long time after having to let Jay go..
During this month's rest day, While cleaning around the house
I found this picture 
And sent it to Chanyeol
We talked for a long time about our old days ^ ^

Trans Credit: syjexo)
Shared by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

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