[SCANS/UPDATED]160321 Kai For Vivi Magazine May Issue + Translation

Release Date: March 23 /// Price: 690 yen ($6.14)

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Kai: When I dance, I will become so into it and crazy for it. It's the happiest moment in my life, and I also want to make all the fans happy (by my dance).
Kai: I'm totally different when it comes to work and private life. The theme for today is ON x OFF and I think it's really interesting. For me, when talking about ON, it will definitely be about work. Usually, I'm a more quiet person and spend my leisure time quietly. But when it comes to singing, dancing, and like today's photo shoot, I become more outgoing and enthusiastic! I started dancing since I was 8, and I can't ever imagine if I'm not dancing anymore. If I'm not an EXO member, I probably think I'd probably go to University and find a job. But right now, it's the best time of my life, because everyday, I feel happy and have so much fun. I think this is the meaning of life, when you're able to feel this happiness every day.
Kai: Especially when I dance, I feel really happy. I have a feeling that the time when I dance is important. When I express the emotion through the dance and expression from me, I always think that it will be good if I can move the feeling to everyone who watches. Of course, as a human being, you can't always be happy everyday, there must be some days when you feel down. If that time happens, I listen to a mellow song. Lately, I'm listening to a Canadian singer, The Weeknd, and my feeling drawn to the music -laughs-. But during this time, my worry seems to fade away.
OFF.  In my private life, I really sleep a lot, since this time is like a power charge for me.To be honest, my dream is to be able to sleep 12 hours every day.
Kai: When I went to America for the concert, I did a lot of shopping. Jacket, coats, sweater, and nice towels. But then I felt bad for only buying for myself, that's why I call my mom and my sister and ask them if they want anything. I buy kitchen utensils for my mom and make up for my sisters. When it comes to fashion, I like to be simple. That is why I also like simple girls who are similar like me. Because wouldn't it be comfortable to date someone like that? If I someday find the right girl as he describe, he will confess right away.

Credit: haruru , @KIMJONGIN9489 (1,2,3), @OSHXCIV
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