[REVIEW]160304 Umin says: Call me Bae!

On March 3, AOA's Jimin released her debut track, Call You Bae (야 하고 싶어),  featuring EXO's Xiumin. The song and concept takes a complete 180-degree turn from what Jimin is known for, from the sexiness that she projects as AOA's leader to the iconic competitive rapper from Unpretty Rapstar. Different from the earlier song releases from Jimin, the song is sweet and bubbly, yet she manages to maintain her trademark rap style. EXO 's Xiumin vocals made the song a lot lovable with his gentle voice, perfectly complementing both their voices into a fresher tune.

The MV tells of a sweet and cute relationship between a couple, where the young girl tries to get the attention of the other and wishes that he could see her in a mature point of view, but mindlessly acts too cute and adorable in front of him,  which causes the guy to get flustered, as it is too much for his heart. Themed with vivid yet pleasant colors that accentuate the MV perfectly, plus adorable emoticon characters that display the fluttering array of feelings that anyone feels when they're in love.
Xiumin has once featured as an actor in Jin's Gone MV and has recently sang the OST for his web drama, Falling for Challenges, with the song entitled You are the One. As this is Xiumin's first feauturing where his vocals took part in, we hope that he can get more opportunities to showcase his voice as he is one with so much talents to offer.

Image Credit: 1thek, FNC Entertainment
Written by: keen@exodicted.net

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