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Friday, March 4, 2016

[NEWS] 160304 EXO-L In Jakarta Taking Serious Action Towards The Sexual Harassment They Recieved

Following alleged sexual harassment during security screening at a concert by Korean group EXO on Saturday at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), in South Tangerang, Banten, the alleged victims have sought legal assistance from legal aid organizations to help them sue Mecimapro, the concert’s promoter, on Thursday.

One of the victims told The Jakarta Post that she paid a visit to the Legal Aid Foundation of the Women’s Legal Aid Foundation (LBH APIK) in Jakarta.

“Representing six of my friends I have consulted with LBH APIK,” she said.

She said that she was dissatisfied by Mecimapro’s response to her complaint and therefore would resort to taking legal action. 

“The promoter said they would invite us for dialogue, but I will not accept such a response,” she said.

She further explained that she did not file a report earlier on account of the excitement surrounding meeting her idols. Another alleged victim, CC, 21, said that she, along with her friends, had agreed to look for legal assistance in Jakarta while consulting with the Indonesian Commission on Child Protection (KPAI) to help them find justice.

“We have little knowledge of the law, therefore we are seeking assistance from a legal aid organization,” the woman, an illustrator and private teacher, said.

She said that if the security screening was meant to find threatening materials, a metal detector should have been enough.

“This is not only for me, I want everyone suffering from the screening to get justice,” she said, adding that the treatment concert attendees received during the security screening was ruthless.

Iit Rahmati of LBH APIK said on Thursday that her office had received the sexual harassment report but acknowledged that the case needed to be strengthened. 

“We are currently attempting to collect evidence from witnesses, so we can figure out the steps needed to be taken afterward,” she said.

Twitterland has been filled with complaints from EXO fans days after the concert. Most fans questioned the professionalism of the promoter and security guards for their alleged groping scheme. 

The audience, ranging from teenager to adults, paid between Rp 850,000 (US$65) and Rp 2,550,000 for concert tickets, which the promoters divided into five different categories.

Tike Priatnakusumah, a representative of Mecimapro, told the Post on Thursday that her team was trying to make contact with audience members who have voiced complaints to find solutions through dialogue. 

“We have provided an email address to accommodate complaints,” she said, adding that she has received around 60 emails regarding the matter. 

Some Of the Comments Were:
User1: I’ve been monitor this promoter since Big Bang MADE concert last year. Since I was one of the victim of Sent Off Event on Big Bang concert, I could say this promoter is so unprofessional  to serve their costumer. I couldn’t imagine that sexual harassment was happened on EXOLUTION last week. Maybe not all the fans who watch the concert be the victims by the security check. But, the victims are mostly teenager and maybe this was their first concert to watch, and they only got the trauma. What makes me feel angry is this promoter always avoid their responsibility to solve the problems. Even today, the woman @mayblue85, one of the people behind this promoter, makes petition to get support for the promoter. They said if their promoter accused by the law, Indonesia Kpop lover couldn’t see their idol in our country. I hope this case will be processed by the law, and the promoter will be responsible.
User2: There was a girl being pushed harshly by a security when telling her to exit the hall and screamed "If I tell you to get out then get out!" I was so shocked to see the incident, I immediately got angry to him but other securities forced me to go. I still remember the girl's face atm, shes so shocked and about to cry :( Seriously they are so screwed!
User3: So embarassing we pay so high then they the security of promotor treat us like a shit with anger
User4: I was attending the concert too and actually I kind of shocked with the body screening. FYI we got 2 screening before entering the venue. I was going to let it pass even it’s been a question too for me. I asked my friend (a boy) at that time, whether he also got his body checked like mine. He said yes, but for several area he didn’t. I was quite angry too but probably because the excitement I wasn’t thinking too much back then and thought that it’s also me that overreacting. But it turned out that it wasn’t! It’s true that the woman officer who did checked our body but still I just thought that they are touching too much at some point. It wasn’t my first time either going to a concert (K-Pop) but it was my first time ever experienced those kind of screening. It’s not like I against the procedure since I knew that they just try to prevent the fans from hiding unwanted things and make us abide the rules but still.. The most concern thing for me is that they conducted the body screening in an open place. Even though the one who did the screening a woman but we got our body checked (touched) in front of many eyes. It’s quite an embarrassing moment too for me. And the worst case is I’m just afraid that it could lead few people to start imagining (bad) things. I don’t know whether my concern will be read by others or not. But I just want to voiced my concern through this. And if I could give a suggestion to the promoter or anyone related to the event, it was such a good and discipline way in order to make both fans and idols safe but probably next time you can conduct the screening in a special area and separate the gender so we could be more at ease while doing soAnyway, I enjoyed the concert and had so much fun! I hope both fans and promoter can solve this problem soon so our idols won’t be disappointed if they ever knew about this!

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