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Saturday, April 9, 2016

EXO’S 4th Anniversary Project: 4 More Years With EXO: Saving more lives with World Child Cancer USA

Duration: March 7, 2016 - April 8, 2016 11:59 PM PDT ** Winner announced April 9th!

“We are one!”

Three words that EXO and EXO-L’s have been shouting for the past four years and for many years to come. With love and care for one another, we have stayed strong and remained united not only for EXO but also for our fandom. We are one because we are family; we are family because we are one.

“Let us love!”

Another three words that unknowingly escape our lips when our unity is tested and we need courage in the face of adversity, or three words we exclaim in joy when celebrating various milestones in our lives.

But let us take a moment to reflect: Besides the two phrases mentioned above, is there anything else we can say or anything we can do to make EXO’s fourth anniversary and our lives more meaningful?


An EXO-L may be young, old or anything in between but before we were EXO-L’s, we’re all human beings-- strong, inspiring and generous individuals.
But why stop at strong when we can be stronger by sharing this strength with people who need it? Why be content with being inspired when we can inspire kindness and hope in others? Why be generous only when we feel like it when we can spread this generosity with a grateful heart?

Why waste our lives wandering without a purpose when we can save precious lives?

In conjunction with EXO’s upcoming anniversary, we thought that we (you and every one of us!) would come up with something meaningful not only to celebrate EXO’s 4th year since debut but also to spread the love we’ve felt so deeply in this big family.

As such, we’ve decided to work with World Child Cancer USA in a bid to help children all over the world who are suffering from cancer.

About World Child Cancer: No Child Should Suffer

World Child Cancer USA is a non-profit organisation that aims to help cancer-stricken children in low and middle-income countries by partnering hospitals in low and middle-income countries with hospitals in high-income countries. It also provides training in childhood cancer diagnosis, treatment and care to local medical practitioners, and is currently operating with 10 partnerships in 16 countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

“Put simply, we treat children with cancer not fortunate enough to live in the developed world. And where treatment isn’t possible, we provide effective pain relief." 

We partner our network of international hospitals and volunteer specialists with teams on the ground. The great thing about this is: not only do we provide access to expert treatment, we also help build local knowledge. Each project is funded for a minimum of 5 years during which time plans for the long term sustainability of the project are put in place.” – From World Child Cancer’s Official Website

For more information on World Child Cancer USA, please visit the following websites:


We have contacted World Child Cancer USA and received a favourable response from the Executive Director, Ms LeAnn Fickes and shared some inspiring stories from the children that World Child Cancer USA has helped. (screenshots are below). It would be our honour to work with them for such a meaningful cause.

Why we chose to join the fight against cancer

No one deserves to be pained by illness just because he/she cannot afford healthcare. While there are many illnesses that can bring pain to people who suffer from them, cancer stood out the most to us for the sole reason that it has ruthlessly taken away the most lives in this world.

Based on a recent research conducted by the World Health organization, cancer is the leading cause of mortality worldwide with approximately 14 million cases and 8 million causes of death. What’s worse is that these numbers will most likely double in the near future because it is predicted that the number of new cases will increase by 70% in the next 2 decades.

(Information from: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs297/en/)

Our Fundraising Project: “Let’s save lives”

Cancer is a slow but painful killer. The pain is unbearable even for adults and it breaks our hearts to know that young, vulnerable, helpless children are going through this excruciating pain. Painkillers and other medication may take away their pain but it cannot heal them. What cancer patients need is lots of love, care, support and understanding to carry them when they’re worn and beaten, and to tide them through difficult times.

Our target is to help them in any way possible. We may not be able to be with them physically but we can raise funds to send our warmest love and support in hopes that this little gesture will provide them with solace, comfort and a well-deserved pillar of support.

Money is what brings food to our table but it might also be the thing that brings medication to someone who really needs it; our donation might be the key to someone’s second chance to live.

Above all, the kind thoughts and well wishes that come with the donation will envelope these children in a warm embrace, teach them to hope when everything seems hopeless and spur them on in their battle against cancer.

All this will only be possible if we work together to make it happen.

“As long as we’re together, I believe that the hardship will pass.”

This is a quote from Yixing saying that no matter how challenging a problem might seem, as long as we face it together with courage, no mountain is too high to scale; we will be moving mountains before we know it.

We can help these children move mountains.

We decided not to post a target amount because we believe that donation and other acts of kindness should come from the heart. Every dollar counts and can be used to purchase medication to alleviate the children’s pain (EXO-Ls can be a source of pain relief to a cancer patient!).

We don’t want to put pressure on anyone, though!

Remember, every dollar counts and so does every life we can save.

How can I donate?

You may donate directly to our PayPal account. (exodicted@gmail.com)

I donated. What’s next?

Not only have you become a hero of your era but also, we guarantee that better things are coming to you: We promise you love; the same amount as we’ve shown EXO by staying as one through their ups and downs.

We have come up with a giveaway (and everyone can join) but since you donated, you will receive an extra entry to a giveaway we will be conducting April 9, 2016.  (a dollar donated is equivalent to 1 raffle entry)

To see all of the giveaway's details and rules, please refer to our tumblr post.

What can I get?

Don’t worry if your post-EXO’LuXion concert anxiety is not yet over. Also, don’t worry if you did not get the chance to see EXO live because…

We will be giving away (1) EXO - EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion in Seoul (DVD) (2-Disc) (Korea Version) + Mouse Pad (First Press Limited Edition). One winner will be selected randomly.

To be entered into the giveaway, a donation is NOT required. Please see our tumblr post for more information on how to do this.

We can move mountains and save lives!

This coming anniversary, Besides saying “We are one!” and “Let’s love!”, let us all stand together and pledge to help those who haven’t been fortunate enough to enjoy the health and wealth we enjoy.

We hope you’re ready.

Reach out to us because like you, we’re ready to help!

Let’s save lives together!

Please check our FAQ below:

Official Tumblr Post For Giveaway - Includes rules & instructions of how to enter.

Also, please fill out the official donation form that can be found here. (This is needed to keep track of the donations coming, and so we can recognize those who contributed.) 

Here are some examples of how your donation can help (all amounts in USD): These are for reference only: 

$10 - pays for the first 2 weeks of chemo drugs for one child with cancer 
$25 - will provide effective pain relief for four children for a week in the Philippines 
$50 - funds the medical assessment needed to diagnose 10 children in Bangladesh 
$75 - pays for a full course of antibiotics for a child with cancer in Mexico 
$150 - funds awareness raising poster campaign to encourage increased referrals and earlier diagnosis
$500 - pays for essential supportive care drugs for 5 children
$750 - funds a family support group at one hospital for 6 months
$1,000 - pays for the treatment of one child with leukemia in the Philippines.

(IMPORTANT UPDATE: 3.22.15) - Western Union donation option NOW OPEN! 

We have received some messages that some EXO-L's don't have a Paypal account and it hinders them to donate, So now, We have finally opened an offline donation option which is Western Union.

What you will do:

1. Send us a message (Twitter DM, email or comment on this blog post) before sending the money so you can have the information.

2. Please also let us know when will you be sending the money so we can track it right away.

3. After sending the money, Send us a CLEAR  photo of your western union slip together with your:

Donors Name:
MTCN Number: 
Donation Amount:

4. After this, you will receive a confirmation that the donation has gotten to us and we will ask for you to fill up the official donation form.

5. After filling up the donation form, you will get another email to confirm that you are included in the giveaway!

Thank you dear EXO-L hero/heroines! #WeAreOne

For questions:

email: 00921chichennuggets@gmail.com 

Tweet us: https://twitter.com/exo4years_proj

Give us a like or message us: https://www.facebook.com/ExOdicted

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