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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[EXO] [TRANS] 160127 Yixing Guest Appearance [Auspicious Stars Shining High]

Idol News: Yixing accepted the interview of [Auspicious Stars Shining High]. In the interview, Yixing exposed that he's a bit of a dull kid. By this he means that for him, getting something done is actually quite hard, but he will use more effort. Now, let’s go into the inner world of the little sheep:

Yixing came to me with a very sincere expression.

I suddenly feel like he’s a big boy with an idol’s burden. He looks a bit tired, and he doesn't treat anyone better or worse than the next person. He considers his job a lifetime job.

I would let the boy enjoy himself if this wasn’t for a Pancoat spokesman job.

I asked him to greet the readers and his fans.

“What kind of greeting?” He asked seriously.

“Any kind; it’s fine, it’s up to your mood.”

“New year is approaching soon. What about a new year greeting?” He still speaks with the expression of greeting a stranger.

“Of course.” I almost laugh at the boy playing at being adult.

“There are a lot of people that say I’m stupid,” He tells the staff with a solemn expression. “I’m not stupid; it’s just that I’m slow at responding.”

“Yes, slow at responding.” He repeats it one more time as if confirming it to himself.

“You’re not stupid, you’re just too cute.” I respond.

“Cute?” He thought of it for a moment. “Oh, that’s a meaning of stupid too.”

All of the audience laughed.

The impression Yixing gave me is a member of EXO. He knows how to dance and sing, compose songs, and play the piano as accompaniment during the concerts and performances.

I know he is good tempered and also friendly. There are many that are not interested in Korea, but they still catch-up with [GoFighting].

He looks more realistic when sitting in front of me.

He is a genuinely polite and clever boy. He thinks carefully before he answers each question. He calls it ‘slow at responding;’ actually, I think he only wants to answer it sincerely, without disappointing anyone. In all that he does, he is thorough and genuine.

I’ve met my fair share of actors, idols, and singers that have hit it lucky with their quick successes, but Yixing is not one of them.

Yixing won't initiate conversation with people. He gives off a boy-next-door vibe; you will feel warm when you are with him and at ease to speak. He won’t act coldly or a put on the airs of a celebrity, and sometimes you will even feel the need to protect him.

He was dazzling on stage, but when he’s around you, you can’t feel any of the killer charisma, but rather a clean, innocent boy.

I suddenly understand why Sun Honglei likes him so much.

“We will just chat in a relaxing way.”

“How much can I relax?” He smiles and lies down on the chair. “Is this much okay?”

I lie myself onto the chair. “Sure, we shall talk like this.”

He can’t stop laughing.

“These few years, you’ve tried lots of jobs. Which job do you think is the hardest? Acting or singing?”

“Getting things done is quite hard for me. Personally, I want to be a good artist now and in the future. Right now I’m trying to get things done in my studio, so I’ve got to give out my full efforts to get things done.” Lay speaks with responsibility.

“This coming year, will you put most of your effort into acting or music?”

“First, I want to do a reflection on my acting until the mid year when my job as an actor is done. I will give myself half a year to reflect on my movie projects.”

Yixing won’t dodge the appraisement for his movie. He looks at me frankly, saying that he wasn’t disappointed at all during his movie. He doesn’t know the meaning of giving up, and he knows that there is always a lot of space for improvement, so he is grateful to have people giving him advice so he can know what the problem is. With an unexpected twist on charm, he optimistically faces his journey as he grows.

“Of course, I won't delay my job in music.” He then repeats again.

“Your fans wanted me to ask you about your solo album. Will you publish your solo album for this year?”

He answers swiftly: "This question depends on the perspective. In my point of view, if you asked me when will the solo album be published, my answer would be tomorrow. But this is connected to lots of things, so I can only follow God. I’m always ready.”

I know there are lots of fans that are waiting for his solo album, but as the artist himself, he must have given lots of expectations.

Yixing’s eyes dropped to the floor, nibbling his lips, and he smiles like a child with many things waiting for him.

“I’m someone who doesn’t like to perfunctory, so I hope that my album will have the best quality.
For example, at the Oriental TV New Year’s Eve concert, I rehearsed at least 10 times. I have to thank Dragon TV for their tolerance in giving me a chance to do so many rehearsals. In fact, I treated all the concerts the same. Each show is a new opportunity for me, and I wouldn’t want to waste these chances. I have to do my best.”
He’s sincere. After anything he says, he will make sure to nod his head once, like he’s talking to himself.

“Do you have any type of music that you wanted to try, like those music styles you never tried before?”
“I want the kind of music that can make the audience buzz with energy. The stage must have more boost and music must be the best. And I believe all the audience will start to jump and get excited.” His eyes seem to look forward to it.

“I’m sure the audience will be hyped, and I believe Sun HongLei will be there too.” I smiled and look at him.


He starts to smile.

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Shared/Edited by: Julie@exodicted.net
Translated by: WeiNi@exodicted.net

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