[ARTICLE] 160328 Exo Mistreated at K-Friend Concert

       Typically, I'm an editor on this site, but today I'd like to share something with our readers. News has surfaced of the conditions Exo-L's experienced at the K-Friend Concert in Shanghai that occurred on March 26, two days ago. As many of you know, that same day was Xiumin's birthday, thus giving the fans a reason to be doubly excited about the event. However, the mistreatment of both Exo and Exo-L's has come to light, and our Shanghai counterparts have something to say.
       News of the concert has been public for about a month. In the time since then and leading up to the concert, Shanghai fansites have been advertising, arranging their schedules, and garnering as much attention for Exo as possible. If you are unaware, different companies manage different tours; SM Entertainment doesn't have their people all over the world and ready to prepare their artists' concerts and provide the proper treatment. In this case, the company asked the fans to provide food.
       Not only for Exo, but for the staff and other people managing the show. Fans were asked to bring food and drinks to feed the people running the show, as if admission was not enough. The Exo-L's and fansites in Shanghai, however, cooperated and brought what they were asked to.
       Exo did not receive any of it.
       In addition, about $1,500 (10,000 Chinese Yuan) was asked from the fansites. Whether from each or collectively, I'm not informed. Keep in mind that, like Exodicted, fansites in Shanghai are not companies or corporations that get paid. They are ordinary day-to-day volunteers that are not paid to do what they do to keep the fansites running, and they, much like us, work because of their love for the Exo members. Nevertheless, the money was scraped together, and along with the food given to the company running it all.
       Flaws as the concert finally began only grew. Exo wore no makeup---although Shanghai fans weren't so petty as to complain about their looks, the bigger idea is that they were not provided with makeup artists to prep them for the concert, in which they only performed five songs when the show had clearly been stated to have twelve songs and last from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM.
       Only adding to the already long list of grievances came many more. Exo performed their five songs despite having mics that did not work or functioned extremely poorly, and when they spoke, the lack of translation left the fans in the venue lost. After their five songs, at roughly 9:05 PM, the company announced the concert had ended, much to the anger and confusion of Exo-Ls.
       Naturally, they demanded an explanation, and were cursed at and escorted from the venue---with force if they resisted.
       Despite all of the shortcomings, Exo stood on that stage and they performed. They came out bare-faced despite having expressed their insecurities and shortcomings of having no makeup on before. They sang even when the fans couldn't hear and that time on that stage was their first, seeing as they weren't given the chance to rehearse. When their managers begged them to not sit back and just take the horrible treatment and refuse to perform, they still came out to greet the fans waiting for them.
       Mistreatment of us we can withstand, but mistreatment of Exo is intolerable. They've been through more than we can care to imagine, and too much to be handling more. This is something that has to be spread, and we will show them that despite the swooning, giggling fangirls that we may be when the time and situation calls for it, we can also be very, very scary if it comes to it.
       I regret to say that I don't know the name of the company that regarded Exo with such disrespect.
       For the sake of Exo, please spread this article as far and wide on the internet and social media as you can manage.
       Thank you.

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Shared/Written by: Julie@exodicted.net
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