[NEWS] 160306 EXO's Rapper Chanyeol Releases A Life-Changing Unoffical Single

EXO’s rapper, Chanyeol, releases a self-made song called ‘You Are’ on his personal Soundcloud account: 


The song tells us about a typical adoration towards a certain lover that he adore so much. The duration is only 1 minute and 55 seconds but the song is so well written, the note and also the music. However, we do not really know about the lyrics. The song also has a soulful beat covering it. The song itself, is consisted of Chanyeol's sexy deep rapping voice, and in the chorus, Chanyeol sang his whole heart until he’s out of breath (okay, every great piece has flaws—especially an amateur recorder like Chanyeol). But it’s still sounds so good and great for accompanying your lonely Saturday night.

As we know, Chanyeol signed up and opened his Soundcloud account on September 19, 2015 and has already gained more than 100.500 followers! All of his uploaded music already has thousands of plays. "You Are" itself, is one of the tracks I like the best besides "Last Hunter" and "Wing~ Wing~" . What about you? What do you think about Chanyeol’s newest track? And what is your favorite track of Chanyeol's Soundcloud account? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below!

Written by Tanya@exodicted.net
Shared by Jennifer@exodicted.net

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