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Sunday, February 21, 2016

[WEEKLY WRAP UP]160221 Third Week Of February:Impregnable Actor Kim Jongin's Drama Debut

Days Covered:

Q: Among the fans, you are known as the impregnable (who won't date anyone) jongin! Do you think you are an impregnable man?
A: It's not as far as being impregnable. Well... Would you like to try and confess to me once?
(from Ivy Club Interview sometime last year)
impregnable¹ /(imˈpreɡnəb(ə)l/ adj. 1. unable to be defeated or destroyed; unassailable
Hello everyone! When is the last time we did one of these? Probably when we still had the Overdose design XD. I've been busy and this type has post has been neglected for too long. Weekly Wrap-Ups are editorials written by EXOdicted's Writers. These posts sum up the highlights of each week.

We enter into this chilly second half of February bustling with activity. Having just wrapped up their west coast North American tour, the boys of EXO headed back to Korea for the 5th Annual Gaon Chart Awards. Also, Kai made his solo acting debut this week in the brand new web drama, Choco Bank! They didn't have much time to rest, as usual, because they were quietly whisked off again Friday night to complete their North American tour. I'm pretty sure, as I write this, they have become the official definition of the word jet-lag. Especially Sehun.
Suho does NOT look like he's playing. It's those energy drinks, isn't it?
Date: All Week
'Choco Bank' Airs
Choco Bank is about a guy named Kim Eun-haeng (Kai), who is a college graduate entering the workforce. His father made sure he had a lucky start in life by giving him a name that meant money. Eun Haeng (meaning Bank in Korean) will deal with the concerns many in their 20s struggle with when they start working for the very first time.[1] And a girl named Ha Cho-co (Park Eun-bin) who is getting ready to start a business. The story plays out as the two meet and find out more about the financial service industry.(credit)

No spoilers! 
Date: Mon, February 15
Sehun Instagram Update
Date: Wed, February 17
Gaon Chart K-pop Awards 2016
They went home with a total of 6 trophies:

Artist of the Year (Album – Quarterly)
First Quarter: EXO
Second Quarter: EXO
Fourth Quarter: EXO
Fan Vote Popularity Award: EXO
Weibo Star Award: EXO’s Sehun
Click here for a full recap.

Date: Wed, February 17
Sehun Weibo Update
Translation: Thank you, I love you all
Date: Thurs, February 18
Tell Me (What Is Love) - D.O. ft. Yoo Young Jin
Following Taeyeon's "Rain," this is the second release from SMTown Station│iTunes

Date: Fri, February 19
EXO from EXO PLANET #2: The EXO'luXion in CHICAGO
Date: Fri, February 19
Chanyeol Instagram Update
Translation: "Come out Spiderman"#chicago
나와라 스파이더맨 #chicago
Date: Fri, February 19
Suho For Vogue Magazine March Issue
Photoshoot + Interview
Help me, I forgot how to breath. FULL INTERVIEW
Date: Sat, February 20
Chanyeol Instagram Update
Translation: #Chicago #DisneyStore

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Written by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

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