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Thursday, February 4, 2016

[WEEKLY TOPIC] ✰ Weekly Topics ✰ Fancams and Fan-edits

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For my first Weekly Topic as a writer I wanted to talk about Fancams and Fan-edits!

First off, let's start with Fancams. As an international EXO-L, I don't know where I would be without Fancams! Music Shows and Variety Shows are uploaded to Youtube, or you can watch them on the station's website, so it's nice to see EXO that way. 

However, thanks to fans who attend EXO's concerts and upload videos, international fans are able to experience EXO in a whole new way! There is just so much that happens at concerts, and EXO is able to be themselves. Thanks to fancams, I feel even closer to EXO, and came to love more of their songs after watching them perform. 

Baekhyun is my bias, so I tend to watch mostly Baekhyun focus fancams, but it's great watching each and every member individually. The people who go and get the HD fancams and post them are such a gift to EXO-L fans, really any fancams are, and I just want to say thank you anyone who posts any kind of fancam!

Here are some of my favorites:
Don't Go (Baekhyun Focus)
Credit to: Candy Crush

Peter Pan (Sehun Focus)
Credit to: Off The Record

Baby Don't Cry (Kai Focus)
Credit to: Destiny Kim

These are only just three out of so many wonderful fancams!

I wanted to add a little something about fan-edits to this post as well. I've only just recently started looking at fan-edits, but there are some really talented EXO-L's out there! 

Youtube user xoxo_xoxo makes some wonderful live edits! These videos are what made me interested in fan-edits ^^

Don't Go


Both of those videos are credited to xoxo_xoxo! There are many more on their Youtube channel ^^

That wraps up this weeks topic! What are your favorite fancams? Do you like fan-edits? What are your favorites? Are there any you want me to share with EXO-L? Let me know ^^

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Shared, written and compiled by Mallory@exodicted.net
All videos credited to Owners

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