[UPDATE] 160204 Lay's Injury Update

       From the 1st to 3rd of February, the doctor who understood Lay's condition best has been in Korea giving him a full-body checkup. After the checkup, Lay's condition was told to be stable, though the doctor said that he should avoid doing intensive exercise, take proper care of his health, and he should recover faster.
       Getting hurt while filming is unavoidable for an actor, and getting hurt behind the scenes shouldn't be blamed on anyone. Many thanks to the media and fans for their concern, and also to the advertisement's customers and partners for altering the schedule with regards to Lay's injuries, for which we are thankful. Even though the checkup says Lay is alright, Lay's group cannot make any official statements in reply to questions about his injuries Fans may only anticipate the upcoming onscreen "Second Prince/Master."
       Lay's secretary can't escape from the blame of not being able to take care of his charge's safety. As for the arguments and decisions on who is to blame for the incidents and what the plans are to continue shooting from here, they are still ongoing.

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