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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[UPDATE] 160131 Suho and Seo Yoori Meet on the Streets

In the middle of MBC's 'My Little Television,' whose popularity is on the rise with high amounts of interest with its cancellation, Seo Yoori and EXO's Suho verification shot brought much attention. 

Seo Yoori uploaded a picture along with a message on her own Instagram stating, "Ran into #exo Suho in Japan! Honestly, I don't know the members much, a tall flower boy greeted me so I just smiled like a mother would...! But it turned out to be Suho! He was so tall, I excitedly took a selfie, he politely went closer to the camera with his small face, but even going closer his face was still small... heart attack." 

In the revealed picture, Suho has positioned his face closer to the camera with a classic peace sign, and next to him Seo Yoori is shown smiling.

Seeing this, many fans had a variety of reactions: "Suho has manners," "Seo Yoori-unnie's so pretty," "I want to see EXO too."

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