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Monday, February 29, 2016


Few days ago EXO had made an interview with the Japanese RAY Magazine. Here's what was discussed.

QYour ideal type’s style: 
D.O.: A simple fashion! I like fashion that gives off a neat feeling. I like standard colors too - for example, one-tone navy. I would like it if she dressed simply. I have a preference for pants too.

QWho likes to play around the most? 
D.O.: Baekhyun is someone with the gift of making the people around him happy. That’s his strength. He always plays around, like jokingly tapping you on the shoulder!

QWho is the most tearful?
D.O.: Chanyeol. Drama, movie, cartoon, if whatever it is touches him he will often cry. It just means he’s that sensitive. He told me once he even cried reading One Piece.

QWho would you most like as a boyfriend?
D.O.: Chen, because he has a really warmhearted side. He concerns himself with everyone, like the staff, and is good at being considerate. When I see that, I think he’d be good as a boyfriend.

QWho is the manliest?
Kai: You might not be able to tell at first glance, but he’s surprisingly manly, which is why I picked him. Something about him where it seems he can firmly say what bothers him, or what is a little difficult to bring up. That’s something I personally like too, so D.O. hyung!

Chen: Me, ahahaha! Just kidding (laughs). It’s D.O. The reason is in his reliability. Although he usually doesn’t have much to say, he’s a reassuring presence among the members. The expression suits him well.

Xiumin: Time’s passed, and I feel he’s matured a lot since we first met. He has a very simply honest side, so though he doesn’t speak much, each word has weight. He doesn’t talk frivolously so he has a lot of depth.

QHow would you introduce yourself?
A. A quiet person. I’m usually not someone who talks a lot. But concerts bring my energy up!

QWhat are you into lately?
A. Watching movies. What I watched recently, Birdman and Dallas Buyers Club, were interesting. And I finished the Japanese drama Hanzawa Naoki. “You touch me and I’ll pay you back twice as much! [t/n: a famous line from the show]” (laughs) I think Sakai Masato acts extremely well.

QA person you want to meet right now?
A. Mr. Sakai Masato. I want to convey my appreciation to him with “I watched your drama very avidly” while we share a meal. Because I’ve been acting too, I would like to listen to any advice from him as my senior.

QThe exo song you would like to sing to someone you like?
A. “Sing For You.” It’s a very easy ballad to listen to, and has the meaning of singing for the person you like in the lyrics.

QAn emoticon you like?
A. “^^” I use it often in the chatting room the members share.

QJapanese expressions that you like?
A. The ones I learned most recently, “No way” and “Don’t mention it.” I used a translating engine when there was some word I didn’t know while watching dramas.

Written and Shared to you by: Nada@exodicted.net

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