[NEWS] 160228 Find Our How CHEN Felt Towards EXO's Superpowers

EXO's Chen reveals his true thoughts on EXO's superpower debut concept.
On February 24, EXO member Chen sat down with the MCs of Radio Star alongside Running Man's Ji Suk Jin, Top Combine's Kim Eun Sung, and actor Choi Sung Gook as part of their "Oppa is China Style" special show.

Although EXO's super power concept seemed cool and innovative to many fans at the time Chen revealed his reluctance for the whole thing. "I was really embarrassed," Chen shared according to Sports DongA. "At the start I was against the group name and the superpower concept."
"When we were interviewed after our debut we would always be asked to show our superpowers," Chen continued, revealing his dislike of the whole thing. "Each member had a different power like teleportation, fire, water, light, and that kind of thing." Chen also described how each member would demonstrate their abilities, showing off poses and explaining that the broadcasters would add computer graphics in afterwards.
When the hosts of Radio Star asked Chen to demonstrate, the EXO member grudgingly got up and dramatically pretended to shoot a lightning bolt towards them.
Source: kpopstarz.com
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