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Saturday, February 6, 2016

[NEWS] 160205 EXO In Adults' Coloring Books?

On Friday, SM Entertainment announced that there will be an upcoming coloring book featuring their popular idol band EXO. The coloring book, titled “EXO: A Day In EXOPLANET” will be published in Korea and China on Feb. 17.

The coloring book will feature characterized images of the nine EXO members in their daily lives, showing them in the studio, at home, traveling to schedules, etc.

It is expected that the caricatures will show the individual charms of EXO’s members, and also feature some of their most popular stage outfits and conceptual styles throughout their career.

The announcement comes a day after it was revealed that SM Entertainment is looking to create K-pop focused products such asEXO-inspired instant noodles. It also is a nod to the rising popularity of adult coloring books, which are widely popular in Korea.

Pre-orders for “EXO: A Day In EXOPLANET Coloring Book” went on sale in Korea on Friday, and will be sold through SM’s store SUM, Myeongdong Book Park Interpark, and the online Chinese retailer, T mall.

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