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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[INTERVIEW] 160201 Kyungsoo's First Love

EXO's D.O. sat down with Yonhap news for an interview to discuss his new movie 'Pure Love' at a cafe in Seoul on February 1. The idol, who has transitioned well from an idol into an actor, began, "Before I debuted as a singer, I thought about acting. By pure chance, I got to appear in 'Cart,' and there were a lot of people who liked [my acting]. I'm so happy that I can do what what I love--dancing, singing, and acting, all at once. Idols have the responsibility of always laughing and showing a happy side. On the other hand, I think the fact that actors can communicate with the audience through their acting is the greatest appeal."

D.O. also revealed what his biggest secret to acting is, saying, "The acting method I employ is to observe thoroughly how others react and to listen to what they say on set."

The idol-turned-actor recalled his first love during the interview, confessing that the sad memory of his first love helped him get into his role better. He said, "My first love was when I was a senior in high school. It wasn't the kind of happy and innocent love like the one in 'Pure Love.' It was a depressing and sad memory born from my obsession. This kind of memory helped me immerse into my acting for the latter half of this film."

When asked what kind of project he would like to take on next, the singer answered, "I don't want to follow the genre and try any kind of work or role that seems interesting. I want to try a really villainous role too."

D.O. ended with, "I don't have any role models; rather than be an actor who is good at acting, I want to be an actor who looks cool in everyone's eyes."
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