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Sunday, February 14, 2016

[WRITER'S NOTE] 160214 The Healing Angel Can Hurt: Lay's Injury Complete Story


[TRANS] Yixing’s studio update
       A lot of things took place in this past week, ranging from the happy news of SM finally realizing that world doesn’t revolve solely around Korea, China, Japan, and South East Asia, and the final confirmation of holding the extended EXO concerts in America until the almost painful news: Lay was injured.

       The studio at which this occurred has released its most recent post stating:

       “After ‘Good Wishes For Yixing’ activities started, we receive 110 love and sincerity filled e-mails. Even though every e-mail is normal, they were all filled with XingMi (Yixing personal fanbase name) warm hearts. Although people always say that hand-written letter have more powerful effects, these XingMi’s e-mail have an equal amount of power because they have been sent with warm feelings and sincerity. ‘You said you’re not perfect. But even so (regardless his condition), you want to give your best.'

       The studio even attached the evidence of the e-mails. For example, the first picture shows the timing on each e-mail that are so close to one another that express how frantic the fans were towards Lay's condition.

       The rest of the picture is the email sent by the fans that speaks about the same things. They express their concern, hoping he’ll get better soon. In some of the e-mails, it shows that the fans would be standing by Lay no matter what happens. They wish for Lay to get better, some even sending in audio / video clips, professing their unlimited support for him. Some even try to cheer Lay up through the videos with some jokes. You can see how supportive they are through the amount of e-mails they sent!”

       On top of the post, the caption says:

       “I would like to thank all the fans who are so caring and protective towards my boss (Lay) <3 You are my love."

       Lay received his injuries about two weeks ago from accidentally falling from a motorbike (1500cc motorbike, to be exact) and having it topple over Lay’s waist, that which we all know as every dancer Achilles’ heel. He can’t even walk properly to the hospital. On top of that, it caused his filmmaking to be paused in order to ensure Lay’s (no, I’m not talking about the chip) receiving the best treatment and being given enough time to recover.

       However, I don’t know how well the hospital taking care of him is for Lay to surprisingly look completely healed a few days later. He’s actually slated to stay for two months, yet he's already updated that he’s okay and ready to shine again. It's such a heart-warming message from our idol but, I’m afraid he only tells us that because he doesn’t want us to keep worrying him and make negative speculations jumping to conclusions (some fans relating Lay's injury now to Tao’s case that resulted in his contract termination). But the studio itself has already given our hearts reassurance, what with continuously giving us constant updates about Lay’s condition. They even created a event to wish for and cheer up Lay to ease the pain.

       Our translator was even so touched with the messages that had been screen captured by the fans that stated she was glad with the fact that Lay is being handled by good hands, and even the movie crew is ‘delaying their filming… until Lay is in the condition to continue the filming without wrecking himself.'

       This statement was made by Lay’s studio update as well. Somewhere between two days ago, Lay’s studio replied with several updates:

       'After the incident happened, we immediately arranged for Lay to have check up & undergo treatment. Currently, Lay’s condition is stable. Following the doctor’s advice, he has stopped working and is now resting. We apologize for letting everyone be so worried. Thank you, media & fans, for your concern.’

       The studio’s response commenting on Lay’s injury, is evident in stating he is now at the hospital and the filming is delayed until Lay is in a good condition to continue filming.

       But let that sink in...Lay’s picture is not even 72 hours from the accident and he has already waved everyone off by saying that he is ‘Okay’ in order to appease the bewilderment of the fans. As shown in this picture:

       Based on micro-expression theories, the statement is a bit unreal. Notice his eyes:

       There are dark circles around his eyes, and the curve on his eyes (near the nose-bridge) is too deep; it looks like he hasn’t gotten a good night's sleep in a while. Maybe, MAYBE yes, he has had a good rest but the injuries have continued to bother him during the rest.

       And look at how his index finger digs his thumb:


       If he’s in normal / stable condition, he wouldn't be doing such a  thing. It almost seems like he held back a pain that's burning somewhere in his body, by holding on tight to somewhere (such as the natural reaction when we receive a sudden cramp, we’ll squeeze our fingers to ease the pain).

       But after all, his eyes look happy and normal, as usual. And his smile is solemn but calm :


       This  means he is in a condition where he has no pressure on his shoulders. In conclusion, we have to appreciate his effort to make us at ease. We can understand his motivation because there’s a thread somewhere in the community of some angry fans relating this to Tao's departure from EXO. It began with him getting injured, when everyone held him back in Cchina, and ended up with him leaving EXO to pursue his solo career. It’s not good for EXO's reputation, and we know how soft Lay's heart is. He wouldn’t want us to worry about him too much and feel sad. Therefore, the best thing we should do right now is wish him to have a healthy rest, and NOT spread destructive rumors regarding his condition.

       So, have you seen some threads in the community spreading lies? And if you're living in China, how frantic is it in your country regarding Yixing’s condition? What do you think about all the events? Send your thoughts to the comment box and let us know about your opinions!

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Shared by: Tanya@exodicted.net
Translated by: Jasmine@exodicted.net
Edited by: Julie@exodicted.net

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