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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

[INFO] 160202 EXO-L's Showtime!

       EXO-L selfmade variety, were you a part of the daily comedy?

       Nowadays EXO-L's are non-stop improving! Other than filming, editing pictures or videos, translating and making handmade dolls, the fandom has taken it a step further and even made their own variety show! The video made by EXO fans, is named "EXO-L Variety." Highly entertaining and well-thought out -- are you interested yet?

       A Korean fan, in order to celebrate January 14th, Kai's birthday, recorded a short clip documenting an EXO-L's daily life. Main characters include her and her brother who know nothing about EXO, whose hilarious conversations and actions made everyone laugh and was dubbed as "EXO-L's Showtime."

       During the first episode, this fan wanted to celebrate Kai's birthday. Therefore,  she forced her brother to accompany her in celebration, making him cut the cake and sing the birthday song. The second episode included the teaching of EXO products and the recognition. The third episode was the EXO-L KTV story. Every episode had a different theme, but it showcased fans and their lives. Although the brother insisrs on repeating that his sister is crazy, he continues to quietly supports her actions, making everyone hope that they had a similar older brother figure.

       The editor is already having a stomachache from all the laughing! EXO-L's, did you see yourself in it? There are other fans who repeated the same feat with a Chinese version that can be searched and watched online. Our fandom contains many dedicated and talented EXO-L's that we can be proud of; have you seen EXO-L's Showtime yet?

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Shared by: Julie@exodicted.net

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  1. do you have some link to see it ?

  2. someone to answer please ?


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