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Sunday, February 14, 2016

[FANACC] 160109/160110 EXO'LuXion in Singapore

  • February 14, 2016
  • by
Photo from SMTOWN Vyrl App
Although it has been a few months sinc EXO'LuXion in Singapore, I'm here to share my experience being one of the lucky fans who got to attend the first concert EXO is holding in the year 2016.

Being the self-proclaimed Kai fan that I am, I made many preparations for the concert, such as: getting a big-head fan, making a fan board, and getting my official EXO lightstick, even though I was short of money after spending so much on the tickets. 

I had much fun during and before the concert. While queuing up for merchandise prepared by other fans and fanbases (some of which I just randomly joined the lengthy queue, as I could not be bothered to walk all the way to the front to find out what it is),  I was surrounded by the sea of EXO-Ls at Singapore Indoor Stadium(SIS). Although I collected lots of merchendise, my friend and I broke down at a nearby mall and we sat there for almost 30 minutes before deciding to go queue for our mosh pens. 

I was fortunate to get a great queue number. I entered with the feeling of excitement and fear because I was not an experienced concert goer. The concert went on extremely well, and I've never felt happier being able to see the boys perform live. Kai was stunning, and he was right in front of me countless times. I had the honor of him telling me to flip my fanboard in the right direction (due to me being unaware because art was right in front of me). Sing For You and Unfair were also extremely good. The boys said many cheesy things in English, and Yixing did all of his ments in Chinese, as it is one of the country's main languages. 

Day two happened in the speed of light as the concert started at 2:30PM KST!! How early is that? Nevertheless, the boys were all equally energetic as day one, and Yixing cried during the Chinese version of Miracles in December. (I cried along.) 

The aftermath of the concert was indeed sad. I cried in school talking to my friends about it, and I spent my days watching the failed fancams I filmed. 

I shall now conclude my fan account with some pictures I took during the concerts! Do take them out with credits (@foreverjongin) and do voice out your opinions in the comments or ring me up at @foreverjongin on twitter. I hope everyone enjoys their concert if they're attending any. If you're one of those who are not, don't lose hope, because you'll see them one day!! Remember Sehun once said that he rather have his fans buy food than to spend money on their merchandises. 

(I'm sorry for not indicating which picture is from which days I've got them all jumbled up.)

Shared/Written by EUN @exodicted.net

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