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Thursday, March 10, 2016

[ANNOUNCEMENT/ ENDED] EXOdicted Band, First Time In History

Hello EXO-L out there! We are so excited to finally share with you our latest thoughts, that will be such successful plans with your help. 

So, what are the thoughts all about?
We're thinking about debuting EXO-L'E', who are obviously EXO-L who will sing English versions of EXO's songs (English Covers).
And who knows?
Maybe one of the group members could be you.

Okay so let's talk about the positions needed.
We basically need:

1) Singers:
-High Pitch-ed Voice [Female: Soprano│Male: Tenor]
-Low Pitch-ed/ Deep Voice [Female: Mezzo│Male: Bass]

Average Range: middle C to high C
Strength: Strong head voice
Voice Tone: bright and ringing

Average Range: Low C to a high C
Strength: Strong head voice
Voice Tone: bright and ringing

Average Range: G (below middle C) to a high C
Strength: Strong middle voice
Voice Tone: The mezzo voice is usually darker or deeper than her soprano counterpart.

Average Range: E flat to F
Strength: low voice
Voice Tone: deepest, darkest and heaviest of the male voices.

2) Rappers:
-Can also sing (Like Kai/Chanyeol)
-Can't sing/just pure rap

3) Audio Merger/Editor:
-The one who edits the recordings of the band and fixes it with the official (Instrumental) sound track.

4) Lyrics Composer:
-The one who can write English lyrics (conveying the SAME meaning of the real EXO song) that flow well with the tune.

5) Subtitle Encoder:
-No, it's not all about subbing. The one who would choose this, will transcript and encode the (English) lyrics used along with the song.

6) Music Mixer/Maker
-The candidate for this should have some skills in mixing music, as they will be in charge of the main background music (Audio Track).
-He/She should make a complete audio track (ready to use).

Whoever is interested, should fill out the following form and send it to either:
E-mail: kpoplover652000@gmail.com
Ask.fm: NaDaHisHaMAzZaM
LINE ID: nada_kpop_dooley

Experience (How often were you doing this?):
Strongest Points:
Weakest Points (everyone has weak points, So it's okay to say them.) :
Reason you want to work with us:
A sample (If you're a singer/rapper, then a recording. If you are an encoder or an Audio Merger/ Editor, send the link of any video you've encoded/ edited/ merged. And if you're a lyric composer, type in the name of the song (should be EXO's) followed by the lyrics):

P.S. If you can't send the recording for some reason, private message me on my LINE and we will discuss this issue.
P.S.S. After we finish judging, we will contact you informing you of whether you made it in or not.

Deadline- 10/03/2016

What are you waiting for? Believe me it's worth a click.
We wish you all good luck!


Main Judge,

11 commentaires:

  1. Hello! Just a small question. Are we supposed to sing in korean or english for the application for singer?

    1. It must be a Kpop song favourably EXO. Thank you.

  2. where do i apply? i can't find the link?

    1. uhmm, you can send an email to this kpoplover65@gmail.com or via the line account above!

  3. This sounds like such a fun idea! ...other than the fact that I can´t sing, rap, mix music, or write lyrics :/

    1. i can't do any of those either but but i really wanna try the writing lyrics one i think if we audition me and you maybe could help eachother with some other ppl and do it.

    2. Well, you can have a look at the staff recruitment post, if you are interested in joining us :)

  4. This really looks fun iam so interested in joining you , I can sing and I also can Rapp although my voice looks so small just like Hyuna , i'D really love to join but what do you mean by strongest and weakest points , can you give me an example? ! thank you

    1. Yes ofcourse, it means what can you really perfect (strongest point) maybe it's your fast rapping or your high notes/low notes singing. And Weakest points are exactly the opposite, what you need practice at/what you can't do your best in.


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