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Friday, February 12, 2016

[INFO]160212 Lilymaymac's Instagram Got Followed By Chanyeol

Previously, girl group member Gayoung was targeted by EXO-L's after merely mentioning member Sehun. Now the fandom's gaze has shifted to popular Instagrammer@lilymaymac who has over 1.4 million followers after they noticed that she began following Chanyeol, who also follows her on Instagram.

It appears a lot of people began to flood her account to rebuke her for putting to use her freedom to follow anybody she wants and her lack of freedom to control who follows her. Others started leaving comments to defend her from the sudden influx of hate.

Some people left, "I think this persons don't have brains. They so crazy and stupid. If you followed by a famous person, won't you follow back? Finally I want to say @lilymaymac I love you, I'll always support you and so sorry," "I'm EXO-L too. But I feels shy because the part of our fandom," and, "Don't be sad Lily ❤️ I love you and don't care about some crazy persons."

What are your thoughts on this?

EXO-L Please Stop Being Childish!

Shared by: nada@exodicted.net

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  2. Lol they're both gorgeous :) there's always a small group of crazy fans in every fandom in the world, it's incredibly annoying for the good majority of fans to be represented by these immature not-really fans. We should ignore the hate and overpower it with love to both the people involved!


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