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Saturday, January 2, 2016

[WRITER'S NOTE] 8 Things I Hope To See From EXO In 2016

It's finally 2016. How do you like it so far? This past week of getting up early for Gayo's has guaranteed my sleeping in for the next two days. In my honest opinion, MBC had the best Gayo this year. It incorporated all of my favorite elements. Veteran artists from all generations reprising their "roles" onstage, 2nd generation K-pop groups performing the songs that got most of us into this world of K-pop, and ,the obvious, legendary fan chants. 

When 2PM performed Hands Up, I nearly died. During the special collaboration with Got7, in my mind, I was thinking, "I hope the younger boys can keep up." If you know 2PM, you know that when 2PM dances, they really GET DOWN. Not to mention seeing Wonder Girls on stage again, as well as the SHINee fan chants, which were just impeccable. When I see shows like this, it really brings back that same feeling of excitement I had when I was first introduced to Korean music.

Seeing EXO perform Love Me Right, in a night club, had me dancing and laughing for many reasons. First of all, that was probably Suho's first time in a club, and Sehun looked like he just belonged there. The disco (???) remix of Love Me Right, had me on the ground begging for more. Honestly, I really like this version better than the original. It has all of the right sounds and beats that the original track is lacking. Remixes can really be amazing when done right. If they ever release this version like they did with Growl (Stage Ver.), I will play it all day until their new album comes out next, oops, I mean, this year.

Now, down to business. Here's some things I, as a fan of 2 years, would like to see from EXO in 2015.

1. The comeback of EXO-K and EXO-M.
I know it. You know it. No one really likes to say it, but ever since the departure happened, the concepts of K and M have taken a back seat. Now, no one has officially come out and said that the two teams have been dissolved. But when you look on their videos, starting with Call Me Baby, they no longer begin with EXO-M and EXO-K, but instead it's just the title of the song, and "Chinese Ver." I really miss the teams. It's actually where, I believe, the slogan "We are one!" actually came from. Yes, they are two separate teams of 6, but they are still one group. Please, SM, let them be K and M again, or the name EXO-L won't have the meaning that it's supposed to.

2. Lay, oh brother, where art thou?
I really miss Lay! I know he's there, but at the same time he's not. He said that his schedule won't clear up until summer 2016, so we have to go these next 5 months without him. Lay says that the boys are okay and understanding with his schedule, which is important. However, the times where we're all having fun together, at gayo's and concerts, I can't help but wish he were here. I love you Chanyeol, but I really need to see Lay do some of the chest rolling in Call Me Baby.

"Lay, come back..."

3. EXO-L to EXO Planet...is anyone home?
I had this thought when I saw them perform MAMA at the SBS Gayo Daejun. I never have a stronger feeling of 'this is EXO,' than when I see them perform the songs from their first album. The mysterious aspect of who they were as a group, has sort of changed over the years. The EXO I see now, although good and at the top of their  game, is not the same EXO from 2012.

You can try it for yourself. Just go back and watch their debut teasers and you will experience the same feeling I'm having. Can you feel the sheer excitement and desire? Back then, they had a feeling of really coming from another world. They looked different and their sound was unique. I think EXO has spent too much time here on Earth, so I'm going to need them to pack up  take a one-way trip back to Exo Planet for a few weeks of vacation and meditating under the tree of life.

I know there won't be a Mama era 2.0, but I'd really wish to see them go for more experimental and theatrical concepts like Mama and Overdose again.

4. Travel outside South Korea.
They're already beginning to do this now, so it seems like things are looking up. They're coming to America and Canada in February! Although I won't be able to attend, let's hope this opens the way for more trips to the states and eventually Europe, Mexico, and other places!

5. Intricate Choreography.
Maybe I've just gotten better at dancing (heh, not really), but for some reasons, they're dances aren't as difficult to learn as in the beginning. That's a good thing right? Yea, it is. With each album, they raise the bar even higher, so I'm hoping to be blown away and floored by their next dance number. See people? This is why we need Lay. (See number 2.) Baekhyun knows hapkido, does he not? It's time to show your moves, Mr. Byun. I vote for choreo with props, so we can see Baek smack something (or someone, hehe...)

6. Weekly Idol and all that follows.
They haven't been back since what...2013? It's okay, because I've heard they've supposedly recorded for Weekly Idol on Dec. 30th. I hope that's true. We'll see in coming weeks. They should go ahead and stop by Happy Camp too. Chinese television misses them.

7. EXO's new anthem.
Most of the non exo-l public know EXO because of Growl, but I'm ready for their next song to define them yet again. Michael Jackson had Thriller, but he also had Billie Jean, Bad, and Scream. Only one song doesn't have to define you. SM, are you hearing me? I need to pick myself out of this slump I've been in all year and bop my way into 2016.

8. Last, but not least, NO DRAMA.
The past year and pretty much all of 2014 have been marked by drama and bad happenings. My biggest hope for EXO in 2016 is that they'll be able to make it through the year successfully, without troubles. I hope for clear skies all the way through.---

"No more drama!!!"

What do you honestly hope and want to see from EXO or a particular member this year?

Written by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

4 commentaires:

  1. i hope exo in 2016 will be more close to exo-l,they will join more variety show and also not getting problem from anyting. honestly, i dont really like if exo collaborate with girls idol/close to one of idol girls. i dont know, maybe i'm jealous with them or whatever. i really dont know my feeling about that. it's my opinion.

  2. What I'd like the most as well is the aura they used to give off. I don't know if it's just me or hallucination, but apparently the writer agrees, because the way they used to feel just seems a lot more---different? Than they do now. Like how it's called in all the survival debut shows, the desperation and hard work of perfecting every breath, move, note, expression, and all the ounces of vibes they give off, I feel like that's what they seem to be missing. Yes, they are definitely amazing today and it's smile-inducing to see how far they've come, but I feel that once idols have been worn down enough in the industry they either lose a little luster from their debut days or harden up like coals into diamonds (hush, I know it's a cheesy comparison), and Exo's been through a lot lately.

  3. I think alot of EXO-Ls agree when I say we all miss the MAMA Era not just for the 0T12 but for their sound. Their music & sound was different. El Dorado brought me back to that feel, and I think that's why so many Eries like El Dorado. But what I would really NEED to see in 2016 is EXO RESTING!!!

  4. I miss luhan, kris and tao. Its been a long while since I saw them perform with the boys. Yes, the three of them had there own music videos and movies but I miss the way they perform on stage with the whole group.


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