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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[TRANS] 160126 EXO D.O. And Kim So Hyun Interview With Pikicast (gif heavy)

Part 1:

Piki: By any chance do you know what Pikicast is about?
KSH: Yes! I do!
DKS: …Yes! (one beat late)
Piki: Really? There’s a lot of content on Piki about you two, and a lot of fans too~
DKS: Wah.. Thank you..
KSH: You seem a little unsure? Haha
DKS: Hahahahahh no, I do know, I do!
(We’ll just go with that..)

Part 2:

Piki: Although you’re simple [in a country way] in Unforgettable, the both of you honestly seem like you’re from a comic. What do you think about that image?
DKS: I’m embarrassedhehaha.
Piki: How about Sohyun?
KSH: Thank you. Hahaha! I like it!
Piki: But! We’ve prepared something special so you come out of that comic.
(Bashful Kyungsoo and So-Di(?), who doesn’t cry)


Part 3 & 4:
Piki: We’ve prepared photos where the two of you look most like you belong to a comic. Now enough of being a comic character, please rip through this picture and become real!
PSG: He’s coming out! Wow, what a relief! He’s a person now.
DKS: You have to (poke through) with one hand in the middle.
KSH: Oh, look at how considerate. That’s right, good start! How refreshing!

Part 5:

Piki: We heard the atmosphere on set was really good, so who was the main moodmaker?
KSH: Gaedeok!! David! Lee David oppa was the moodmaker.
Piki: Oh my, how about our Kyungsoo?
KSH: Kyungsoo oppa.. is quiet but really funny, and even while he’s serious, he’s very interesting. A really fun person when you get to know him!
(I saw it! I saw Sohyun hesitating, I saw it all!!!)

Part 6

Piki: And right now, Kyungsoo is holding himself very modestly. Kind of a ‘shy guy’?
KHS: Your legs, your legs!
DKS: (Opens legs)
Piki: That’s right!! That’s it~
DKS: Heuheuheu okay.
Piki: Another tactful thing about him is that it’s at an exactly 50 degree angle~
All: (laughter)

Part 7

Piki: Because the mood on set was so good, it doesn’t seem like there would have been many NGs.
DKS: There weren’t a lot. While we were working together, at first it was very.. we weren’t too friendly or close.. uh.. I’m sorry. I don’t speak well.. (great regret)
Piki: You just have to open your mouth and we’ll be thankful
KSH: Haha, I think we got friendly quickly! Seeing how many scenes there are with Beomsil and Suok! Even if we don’t talk specifically later, we’d really matched well.
(What could this mean;;; thankful for just breathing?)

Part 8

Piki: Wasn’t Sohyun an MC for a music program? EXO’s D.O. and movie actor Do Kyungsoo! How are they different?
KHS: He was completely different from my first impression! When he was EXO’s D.O., we were only on greeting terms, but when I met actor Do Kyungsoo, he was a careful person, a really decent, good one! D.O. or Do Kyungsoo, I think they each have their own unique charms.

Part 9

Piki: Then for Kyungsoo, which brings you more joy between singing and acting?
DKS: It’s really hard to say which. But I think having been able to experience both joys was really good for myself/my confidence.
Piki: We like it too! (I like it!)
DKS: Ahah, thank you.
(A happy joy for Pik-ple!!!! (cackling))

Part 10

Piki: The setting was Goheung, far from Seoul? It seems like there would have been a lot of episodes..!
DKS: We went to this island called Baekryeong-do in Goheung! There aren’t any supermarkets there.
KSH: No restaurants either!! (??? I wouldn’t survive at all)
DKS: There was only a town hall in the village. And we had a typhoon there too.
KSH: Heuheuheuheu
DKS: The typhoon blew away the food truck and what we used as tables. So we do have a memory of going back to our room to eat instant noodles together!
KSH: It felt like we were on a field trip. I really liked it, hehe.

Part 11

Piki: In the movie trailer, the two of you were using Goheung’s dialect quite freely! Could you show us some interesting dialect?
The two whispering, in the middle of planning sweetly
DKS: (whispering) That..that..that one.. that one..
KSH: Puha, the one about carrying?

Part 12

KHS: Hey, Beomsil.
DKS: Yes. Not yes.
KHS: Hey, Beomsil.
DKS: Yeah?
KHS: Just wait a little. I’ll carry you just as much as you’ve carried me.
DKS: Okay. Alright.

Part 13 and 14

Piki: Unforgettable is a story about being reminded of the past during a live broadcast, right? And we can’t separate either of you from live broadcasts, so could you tell us about any mistakes you’ve made during one? (I’m a fan who looks out for those big mistakes and nervous members~)
DKS: That traumatized me so I don’t interview well. We’d just debuted and had to introduce our song live on a music program. I had to say it was a song with a ‘grand’ orchestra but my head just suddenly whited out and I said it was a ‘superior’ orchestra. Ha.. that was.. kind of.. (tremble)

Part 15

Part 15 of Pikicast
The song is “Violet Fragrance”, which Suok sings in Unforgettable.

Part 16:

Piki: How does Kyungsoo feel about taking selfies?
DKS: I! don’t really like it. (A wall)
KHS: Who says that!! Try it once! I took one too~ haha
Piki: Of course!! Starting is half the battle, for anything.
DKS: Euahahahn
(Yes! Sohyun you’re doing well, just a little bit more!)

Part 17

Distressed and regretful Actor Do. Something about that smile is quite the victim of capitalism.

DKS: What do I do? (speaking with eyes)
KSH: Like this!

Part 18:

Piki: You two match really well, and you look a little alike too~
DKS: Ah! We got that a lot on set!
Piki: In that case, what is Sohyun’s ideal type?
KHS: Mm.. my ideal type.. someone like Beomsil?
Piki: Oho~~ good answer!! How about Kyungsoo?
DKS: Someone who looks pretty smiling, like Suok.
Piki: Kiya~~~ what sense~ When I went kiya from being so touched some phlegm came out hahahaha
(Burst of laughter from the suddenness)

Part 19:

Piki: We heard that upon tanning for the film, you have been called ‘baked!’ We prepared gifts of the classic literature, The Cloud Dream of Nine [t/n: it phonetically shares the same first two syllables with ‘baked’: goo-oon], as a wish that you continue to walk a dream-like, flower-lined path!
DKS: Wahahaha! Thank you.
KSH: Wah~ I didn’t see The Cloud Dream of Nine coming at all. The sense..!
DKS: We can pose in commemoration of this gift.
KSH: Thank you very much. I’ll read it in my free time!
(For your appreciation, thank you I love you)
Part 20(final)

DKS: Yes. Pickle(?)?? Ah.. I mean!!! (A pickle linked to a superior orchestra) Hello Piki-people. This is Do Kyungsoo. Please give Pikicast a lot of love. Our movie releases in February 2016, please anticipate and love it a lot!

Shared by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

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