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Monday, February 1, 2016

[REVIEW] 160130 EXO’luXion in Manila: Let’s do a recap!

exo'luxion in manila review recap

Probably you might have seen snippets on SNS on what took place, but I’ll give you a firsthand account on what really happened. Let’s do a recap!

For two nights, global trend K-Pop boy group EXO rocked the concert halls of Manila, performing their hit tracks from their million seller albums. Starting off with the addictive clapping beats of Overdose, EXO-LS roared in anticipation as EXO entered the stage with the iconic pyramidal choreography, only to be stunned to see only six members dancing. It turns out that besides Xiumin, Kai was also unable to perform, unable to recover from his injuries in time for the concert, thus both members couldn't dance during the two day concert and the day before that, which was the Golden Disk Awards. The missing ninth member, Lay, was busy with his schedules in China so that he couldn’t join the awards show nor the concert. However, this didn’t stop EXO from knocking off the feet of the fans by giving spectacular stages unlike any other.

Taking a trip back to memory lane, they performed History, followed by the dazzling El Dorado performance. The concert turned to a slower beat as they sang Don't Go, Playboy, Baby Don’t Cry and My Answer, where the vocal line were belting out their high notes, along with the EXO-LS singing along to the ballads. The concert arena starts to get hyped up as Peter Pan comes in, a song every EXO-L anticipates because of the famous 'Sehun Time'. On Day 1 of EXO’luXion, Sehun manages to bring together one of the most famous ships in the fandom, ChanBaek, to hug each other, that really made one's heartstrings tug wickedly; the maknae was also consistent on the next day, where he made ChanBaek hug their eldest hyung .The excitement continues as they sang bubbly tunes from their XOXO album, such as The Star, XOXO, Lucky and 3.6.5. During their ment, EXO thanked the fans for their support and energy throughout the concert, and even serenaded them a Filipino song, ‘Hawak Kamay’ which they sang the last time they visited the country three years ago.

As the concert continued to a medley of their songs from their 2013 Christmas album, Miracles In December, Christmas Day, and First Snow gave a good feeling to the fans, who sang along with the members as well. But the sweet atmosphere soon stops as Chanyeol drops the beat and brings the house down with Full Moon, Machine, Drop That, and Run. That made the entire arena look like a large scale club, with EXO-LS dancing to the beat.


But the party didn't stop there when EXO saved the best for last, performing Call Me Baby, Growl and Love Me Right consecutively, EXO-LS not missing a beat to the fanchants and even singing the whole song along.

On the second day of the concert however, EXO-LS didn’t just settle to singing the entire set list, but dancing to the song as well. The EXO members after performing the title songs were too amazed that they had to see it again, to the point that Baekhyun challenged the EXO-LS who danced to a dance battle. The members, who were so hyped up by the dancers, kept on saying again and again that they have never been to a concert where the audience danced to their songs on the spot. This gained such applause to Baekhyun that he said 'Phillipine EXO-LS are the best! Philippine EXO-LS! PHIXO!' thus giving a name to the Philippine EXO-LS, something that they never have done before in a concert.

As the concert came to a close, the members said that they would love to go back to the country every year because of the energy of the EXO-LS. They had a lot of fun, which Sehun said he would like to take a vacation in the country. Xiumin and Kai were always saying sorry that they couldn’t show their best, yet Kai said he would definitely come back and dance better than ever. They said their goodbyes and ended with Sing For You and Unfair, that left a bittersweet feeling to EXO-LS of seeing EXO go, giving an unfair feeling, to have spent so little time with them, which can never be enough.

On a side note, many fansite masters went to the concert, and notable figures within the fandom, such as Suho's sasaeng fan Rion and Baekhyun's famous fan <polarlight> who both left with happy hearts. One fan account apparently said that <polarlight >was amazed by the PH EXO-LS and said it has been quite a while since she saw EXO this happy. She also noted the blinking headbands that the fans brought to the concert, saying that she liked it. EXO also mentioned the blinking lights during the concert saying that the concert area seemed to be a sky with so many stars.

**Note: And for the Filipino readers out there, just like during the Infinite Effect in Manila, where a few minutes after Infinite left the stage, EXO’luxion in Manila was announced,

this time, another teaser was out.

It doesn’t say much, but I can give you a hint though, one word.


(Photo credit: Manila Bulletin Photos by Jonathan Hicap, Globe Telecom, afireselu, ariari_chi)
Written by keen@exodicted.net

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  1. Liked your review! One thing though.. I think Sehun Time happens on Peter Pan :D


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