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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

[NEWS] 160116 EXO's Kai Shows More Hot Sides With his Magazine Couple Yoona

For the fashion magazine world, the month of February is turning about to be a hot, hot one already. To begin things, Sehun and Irene posed as couple for the ‘CeCi’ and now Kai of EXO boyband and YoonA of the SNSD have also posed as couple for the big ‘Elle’ magazine.
According to All K Pop, thousands of fans of Kai and YoonA were able to see the wonderful cover photograph which was published on the homepage of ‘Elle Korea’. With minimum amount of make-up, YoonA is looking quite innocent just like a doe and Kai gives that brooding and mean look, for the February issue of the magazine

It is just impossible to ignore the wonderful photograph of the two famous celebrities. It seems that a silver locketnecklace is being worn by YoonA that is from Louis Vuitton and it is done as she undertaking a campaign known as ‘Make a Promise’.
Recently, S M Entertainment gets along with J Contentree magazine and together they have started a campaign for Louis Vuitton and UNICEF which is known by the name ‘Make a Promise’.
According to All K Pop, recently, the handsome looking and lovely Kai of the EXO boy band celebrated his birthday and it seemed like the whole world was also celebrating along with him. Kai is being said to have one of the most adorable smile among all the members of the boy band and he is also one of the main dancer for the group.

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