[NEWS] 160101 A Photoshopped Photo of BTS' Jungook Made By An ARMY Who Blamed It On EXO-L

EXO-L recently became furious upon hearing BTS' Jungook using EXO's Phrase 'Saranghaja', which means 'Let's Love!'. What caused stiffness between the two fandoms [EXO-L & ARMY] is when a Photoshopped Picture of Jungook in a Funeral was posted on Twitter tagging him in the post. This Photo was later shared on each and every social media's accounts.

And upon seeing this photo, BTS' fans blamed EXO-L for doing this. They asked EXO-L to calm down. One of the ARMY even commented saying 'I realize how important and meaningful the phrase "Let's Love" is for you guys. but your babies aren't the only important people are they? How could you photoshop his face into a funeral picture and tweet it to him.'

Little did she know the one behind all of this was no one other than an ARMY herself.

Later, a post on twitter by the creator of this despiteful picture caught our eyes. Her post said "I felt a little bit sorry for our Kookie but I hate EXO's fans so fucking much and I want to see them suffer." She also added "Oh and I should delete this post now before someone see this."

So at the very end, it was all the fan's plan to ruin our [EXO-L's] image.

Written by: Nada@exodicted.net
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