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Monday, December 21, 2015

[WEEKLY TOPIC] Sing For You Comeback Week 2: Unfair Citizen Costumes

You have Baekhyun to thank for Saturday's "unique" concept. He proposed the idea of the members becoming citizen service workers for their Music Core stage. Bet you didn't know that EXO all have side jobs when they're not with the group. Heh heh....

To be honest, there's really nothing more to be said, this was so out of the norm and surprising. It's nice to have a little shift in things from time to time. I still honestly favor Christmas Day's live stage over this, but I'm glad they look like they're having fun. The choreography isn't too intricate, so they can more easily get into the song. In 2013 it was suspenders, and I guess now it's...a surprise every week.

I've taken the time to compile for you a nice little set of gifs. Every time I think they're getting more mature, something like this happens. (SM Town Week 2013. Need I say more?) Just look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

Sehun-The Mechanic

D.O. - The Police Officer

Chanyeol - The Master Chef

Xiumin - The Pilot

Suho - The Taxi Driver
I honestly can not take this dude seriously anymore. 

Baekhyun - The Doctor
Since when does a stethoscope go on your eye? Please, someone help this child. Anyways, **overdose claps**

Chen - The Firefighter

Kai - The Formula 1 Racer

Can we seriously talk about how cute Kai looks in glasses? I actually heard that his eye was infected the day before, so he couldn't wear his contacts. I guess the concept went so well, they just decided to keep them in. I love how he pulls off his shades, but there's still glasses underneath. However, there's still one thing that comes to mind. Who do you think Lay would have been?

Gifs by me, Video to MBC
Written by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

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