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Thursday, November 12, 2015

[PERF]151106 Unpretty Rapstar Heize ft. Chanyeol-Don't Make Money + Lyrics

Chanyeol: “First, I think we had fun. I think Heize ssi received me really well and she treated me well too. I’m proud (of our stage).

I couldn’t imagine this would happen. As a great fan of the show I have thought of how nice it would be if I had a chance to go on this stage but now that I was able to stand on it I felt really nervous. And this stage has a different charm from exo stages, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Heize: “He is very passionate and he’s a friend who really likes Hip hop.

Let’s burn everything down without any regrets today.

He worked really hard…How do I say.. He wants to break the prejudice?”

Chanyeol wrote these himself!

Peek-a-boo what is a pretty boy doing in unpretty (rapstar)
I’m radio
Rather than with my face I’m making money with my voice
I’m Exo representing Korea
Growing while eating love
I work and make money
When it comes to popularity we are above mnet
I know my position for sure
When women see me they long for me
You will respect me after listening to this rap
I’m sorry Lee Sooman chairman
I will do hip hop today
I will be cursing motherfucker too

The fans will go to Hongkong after listening to this rap (tn: going to hong kong signifies having an orgasm)
My bank account is like a cemetery (tn : his bank account is deep like a cemetery)
0 keeps adding up (tn: In Korean 0 sounds like [영; young] and it is similar to word “영 (or 혼)” which means soul, spirit. So It is a punchline, souls keep increasing in the cemetery = his bank account figure keeps growing.)
Tomorrow to make money I will go to the airport again
Make money make money
I make tens times more than other idols
Heize: Baby don’t make money
Chanyeol: Make money make money make money
Heize: Baby don’t work
Chanyeol: I make ten times more than other idols
Don’t make money x5

(cr, Jina)
Shared by Danielle@exodicted.net

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