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Friday, November 13, 2015

[NEWS] 151112 Chanyeol Cheers On Exam Takers On SAT Day

EXO's charismatic rapper Chanyeol encouraged all the test takers in Korea with a delightful message.

"Tomorrow is what day?" Chanyeol began his Instagram caption. "It's the day all of you see the end of all your hard work, SAT students! Great job until now and hope you do great tomorrow! Don't be nervous!! If you get 100%... let's grab a meal together!"

In support of his deal to test takers, the EXO member threw up the V sign and smiled at the camera for his recent Instagram post.

"SATs aren't everything so don't be too disappointed if you don't do well! I'll go compliment you when you're all done! Fighting, everyone!"

In response, fans who follow Chanyeol commented saying, "I hope everyone does well," "Good luck everyone," and "You will all do well," wrote users on Instagram.

November 12 is a big SAT day for high school students in Korea.

Source: kpopstarz.com
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